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nsw travel guide | top things to do in byron bay

NSW Travel Guide | Top Things to Do in Byron Bay

Planning to go on vacations to Byron Bay? Count yourself lucky, very lucky! This place has emerged as the ultimate tourist destination with its sandy white beaches that seem to stretch for miles. It’s...
music on my mind 2020


Sydney's campaign to raise funds and awareness for mental health in the music community is back! Psychiatrist Dr Kamran Ahmed (AKA Doc Kamran) became aware of the high rates of mental illness in the music...
sydney observatory residency program

Sydney Observatory Residency Program

The inaugural Sydney Observatory Residency Program provides a supportive environment for researchers and creatives to undertake a project relating to the Observatory’s disciplines, collection and programs. Residencies are open to established and emerging academic...
Ken Hopley

Animal welfare put second to NSW border lockout

Many Australians have been supportive of the border closure between New South Wales and Victoria to stop the spread of COVID-19, however it is causing major problems for some. Permits have been granted to critical...
what are the benefits of a water filter in sydney?

What are The Benefits of a Water Filter in Sydney?

Is my tap water good enough to drink, or should I buy a water filter to get better water quality? Naturally, Sydney is super blessed with safe drinking water derived from natural sources, well filtered...
how to avoid a driver’s license suspension in nsw?

How to Avoid a Driver’s License Suspension in NSW?

Sticking to the lawful driving habits is definitely the best way to avoid the suspension of your driver’s license; however, even the most vigilant and law-abiding drivers have moments of a lapse in focus...
new menu, new venue, all new vibe!

New Menu, New Venue, All New Vibe!

WELCOME TO SUMMER At Bondi Beach Public Bar we are dedicated to quality offerings and relaxed community hangs. Established in 2018, Public Bar is known for its casual cuisine, cold beer and coastal surroundings. We have...
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The Ultimate Travel Guide to Sydney

If you’re planning a trip to the beautiful New South Wales Capital, Sydney, whether from overseas or from other Australian States, you’ll have a lot of choices about what to see and do on...
let’s connect, collaborate and celebrate at social inclusion week 2019

Let’s CONNECT, COLLABORATE AND CELEBRATE at Social Inclusion Week 2019

Social Inclusion Week will be held from Saturday 23rd November to Sunday 1st December in 2019.  Social Inclusion Week aims to help all Australians feel included and valued, giving everyone the opportunity to participate...

Our SEASONS OF LOVE – please help to support the Choir of Hard Knocks

The Choir of Hard Knocks has a unique and inspiring story of Australia’s most unlikely musical phenomenon - they are the only artists in Australian music history to have been awarded an ARIA, Platinum...