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Friday, March 5, 2021

Off-the-shelf pasta pesto

This little one was on the “bargain shelf” at Woolies. (The sauce, not the dog.) Not bad for an “off-shelf” pasta pesto. Ingredients include orange, tomato, almonds, capsicum, and pecorino romano cheese. Add a...
big jack or fake mac?

Big Jack or Fake Mac?

The beast in all its glory: meet the Big Jack, the burger that’s giving McDonald’s so much indigestion. Maccas is suing Hungry Jacks, claiming the Big Jack is a fake Big Mac. Taste test: Jack...
a man’s boots

A man’s boots

We are gathered here today to honor and pay tribute to the life of a great pair of leather boots. Their reliability was unparalleled, their comfort never in question, their dedication above reproach. While...
pork perfection

Pork perfection

Form a queue please, no pushing in: pork sausages pan-fried with pepper, rosemary, Worcestershire sauce and served on wholemeal with garlic & herb mustard, and Colway (semi) hot English mustard. Enjoyed on the sunlit,...
food tester: flamin’ hot cheeto puffs

Food Tester: Flamin’ Hot Cheeto Puffs

Hot, sweet, spicy and addictive: Think of a steamy night dancing with a beautiful woman in Buenos Aries … no, scratch that thought. This is nothing like that, this is just sh*t food. Pink...

Leftover tomatoes?

Midwinter Lunch: what to do with those last few tomatoes? Mix with onions, garlic, bacon with rind, rosemary, pepper, ground lemon grass, salt, generous splash of shiraz, a good squirt of Worcestershire sauce –...
emirates cuts hurt but look beyond the covid cloud

Emirates cuts hurt but look beyond the Covid cloud

More pain, as Emirates says it will cut 30,000 jobs because of the Covid-19 pandemic’s halt to air travel. Emirates airlines launched in the late 1980s. The routes expanded and, come the 21st Century,...
cottage pie not how nanna made it

Cottage Pie NOT how Nanna made it

It never comes out looking like the pic, does it? I’d describe this lentils/kale/sweet potato Cottage Pie as more about the, ummm, texture than the taste. Fortunately, my mates Lea and Perrins, from Worcestershire,...
insidious beauty

Insidious Beauty

A Blue Flower Wasp, on the footpath outside my apartment, in St Kilda, Melbourne. First time I’ve seen one in Australia. Don’t be deceived by it’s allure – it’s a parasitoid, and paralyses its...
coronavirus: lockdown lunches

Coronavirus: Lockdown Lunches

Lockdown lunches: better than my last effort? Peppercorn’s grass fed, gluten free (don’t know why) beef sausages, with my home grown (not supposed to be “miniature”) tomatoes, and egg cooked with hot paprika and...