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covid vaccine may lead to a harmless lump in your armpit, so women advised to delay mammograms for 6 weeks

COVID vaccine may lead to a harmless lump in your armpit, so women advised...

  Picture: Shuttlestock Australian women are being asked to think about the timing of breast cancer screening as they prepare to receive their COVID vaccine. This is in light of US evidence that a normal consequence of COVID...
Vaccination plan too late and a masterclass in jargon header

Australia’s vaccination plan is 6 months too late and a masterclass in jargon

  Picture: Shutterstock Six months after the prime minister received his first jab, Australia finally has a national plan to roll out COVID vaccines. The plan’s goals, set out in the Operation COVID Shield document released this week,...
the vaccine we’re testing in australia is based on a flu shot. here’s how it could work against coronavirus

The vaccine we’re testing in Australia is based on a flu shot. Here’s how...

Image: Shuttlestock A new trial has begun in Victoria this week to evaluate a potential vaccine against COVID-19. The vaccine is called NVX-CoV2373 and is from a US biotech company, Novavax. The trial will be carried out across Melbourne...
340,000 melburnians have little or no parkland within 5km of their home

340,000 Melburnians have little or no parkland within 5km of their home

Picture: AAP Image/David Crosling Under the stage 4 restrictions enforced throughout metropolitan Melbourne, residents can exercise for one hour each day, within five kilometres of their home. While such restrictions are necessary to reduce the spread of...
stage 4 restrictions – victoria

Stage 4 Restrictions – VICTORIA

The Premier of Victoria - Dan Andrews, released this statement to the people of Victoria, which includes what can and can't be done in the Stage 4 restrictions that commence at 11:59pm Friday February...
takeaway coffee allowed, but no wandering through bunnings: here’s why melbourne’s new business restrictions will reduce cases

Takeaway coffee allowed, but no wandering through Bunnings: here’s why Melbourne’s new business restrictions...

Picture: Erik Anderson/AAP Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has announced sweeping changes to businesses across metropolitan Melbourne, including closure of retail stores and restrictions on some industries, including construction. The new constraints come into force...
should australians be worried about waiting for a covid vaccine when the uk has just approved pfizer’s?

Should Australians be worried about waiting for a COVID vaccine when the UK has...

Image: Shuttlestock The news that Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine has gained emergency approval in the United Kingdom and may be distributed to selected high-risk groups as early as next week is welcome. Headlines also suggest people in the United...
do i need to register for a covid vaccine? how will i know when it’s my turn? vaccine rollout questions answered

Do I need to register for a COVID vaccine? How will I know when...

 Picture: Albert Perez/AAP Australia is now more than a week into rolling out the Pfizer vaccine, while AstraZeneca shots are due to start from next week. But many of us may still have questions about when and...

Headlines promise Australia’s on the ‘cusp’ of defeating coronavirus. We’re not and it’s too...

AAP Image/Lukas Coch You might have seen headlines in the last day or so suggesting Australia is on the “cusp” of defeating the coronavirus pandemic. I’m here to say: make sure you read beyond the headlines. The reality (as acknowledged...
How will Delta evolve header

How will Delta evolve? Here’s what the theory tells us

  Image: Shutterstock The COVID-19 pandemic is a dramatic demonstration of evolution in action. Evolutionary theory explains much of what has already happened, predicts what will happen in the future and suggests which management strategies...