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omicron is overwhelming australia’s hospital system. 3 emergency measures aim to ease the burden

Omicron is overwhelming Australia’s hospital system. 3 emergency measures aim to ease the burden

Image: Luis Ascui/AAP Public hospitals – never with much spare capacity – have been severely stressed by the latest COVID wave. The current Omicron outbreak has loaded even heavier demands on hospital beds, both for those...
how contagious is delta? how long are you infectious? is it more deadly? a quick guide to the latest science

How contagious is Delta? How long are you infectious? Is it more deadly? A...

  Image: Shutterstock Delta was recognised as a SARS-CoV-2 variant of concern in May 2021 and has proved extremely difficult to control in unvaccinated populations. Delta has managed to out-compete other variants, including Alpha. Variants are classified as “of concern” because they’re...
health-care workers share our trauma during the coronavirus pandemic – on top of their own

Health-care workers share our trauma during the coronavirus pandemic – on top of their...

Picture: Supamotion/Shutterstock Health-care staff are trained to deal with whatever comes through the hospital doors. But COVID-19 is a completely different ballgame. During this pandemic, health-care workers are facing traumatic experiences in both their professional and...
patients with covid-19 shouldn’t have to die alone. here’s how a loved one could be there at the end

Patients with COVID-19 shouldn’t have to die alone. Here’s how a loved one could...

Image: Shuttlestock While the number of new COVID-19 cases in Victoria continues to trend downwards, we’re still seeing a significant number of deaths from the disease. The ongoing outbreaks in aged care, and the fact...
goodbye, brain scrapers. covid-19 tests now use gentler nose swabs

Goodbye, brain scrapers. COVID-19 tests now use gentler nose swabs

Picture: Shuttlestock Early COVID-19 images of swabbing from Wuhan, China, looked more like an Ebola news story — health-care workers fully encased in personal protective equipment (PPE), inserting swabs so deeply that brain injury...
us coronavirus data will now go straight to the white house. here’s what this means for the world

US coronavirus data will now go straight to the White House. Here’s what this...

Picture: John Amis/EPA Led by physicians, scientists and epidemiologists, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is one of the most reliable sources of knowledge during disease outbreaks. But now, with the world in...
bring them home!

Editorial: Bring them home!

Australian citizens should not be kept from returning to Australia.   According to Amnesty International Australia, some of the 35,000 Australians are stranded overseas due to border closures and the Federal Government’s cap on returns.   So, it...
taking covid pills at home sounds great. but we need to use them wisely or risk drug resistance and new variants

Taking COVID pills at home sounds great. But we need to use them wisely...

Image: Shutterstock GPs can now prescribe antiviral pills for some of their vulnerable COVID-19 patients to take at home. More patients are expected to have access in coming weeks and months. These drugs are given to people at greater risk of...

Whether a ratings chase or ideological war, News Corp’s coronavirus coverage is dangerous

 Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, in significant parts of its coverage of the coronavirus pandemic, has become a clear and present danger to the welfare of Australian society. Aping the worst of the American media –...
latest melbourne lockdown changes

Latest Melbourne Lockdown Changes

These are the latest changes to the Melbourne Lockdown rules as set out by Premier Daniel Andrews this day.   Social   From 11.59pm Sunday night:   No time limit on leaving home; The 5km limit on travel from...