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4 advantages of weighbridge automation

4 Advantages of Weighbridge Automation

Does your business involve measuring weights of incoming and outgoing vehicles carrying goods? Are you looking for a system to improve your productivity? If yes, then the weighbridge automation system is your answer. In...
naval logistics

Naval Logistics

In the Navy, the importance of shipping procedures goes far beyond the need for periodic replenishment of fuel, though this remains important. Ships must be overhauled, repaired, and resupplied with ammunition, food and, and...
new research finds covid-19 may change future of transport


Research from The University of Western Australia has found the COVID-19 environment, which has created a less mobile and more digitally focused workforce, has changed people’s travel behaviour and may impact their use of...
understanding the different types of insurance & their purposes

Understanding the Different Types of Insurance & Their Purposes

Whether it is the busy holiday season, or the moving of big transport, heavy haulage insurance is a price one must pay to ensure that the fleet is secure.  It is important to have...
transport update: what you need to know as we respond to coronavirus

Transport update: what you need to know as we respond to coronavirus

As restrictions are gradually eased, all Victorians are being asked to play their part to keep each other safe and that includes making responsible choices about using our public transport network.   When it comes to...
desperately seeking toilet paper, pasta or hand sanitiser? some relief is just weeks away

Desperately seeking toilet paper, pasta or hand sanitiser? Some relief is just weeks away

A supermarket in south London, March 15 2020. Facundo Arrizabalaga/EPA Panic buying, shop shelves emptied of toilet paper, hand sanitiser, pasta and other household supplies, supermarkets policing limits on buying products, Amazon and eBay stopping opportunists from selling...
top 5 reasons why people use storages

Top 5 Reasons Why People Use Storages

Lately, self-storage units are becoming more and more popular. But, what is the reason behind the vast expansion of self-storage facilities? What causes lead people to rent such units? What do they put inside? After...
melbourne transport companies

How to Choose the Best Transport Companies for Your Needs?

Whether you are planning to move interstate or to some other state, and have to move your car from point A to point B, it can be much easier to hire one of the...
dedicated port rail connection to take millions of trucks off the road

Dedicated Port rail connection to take millions of trucks off the road

A new report says a dedicated freight rail connection to the Port of Brisbane could take 2.4 million trucks off the road by 2035. The 'game-changing' project, which would separate the existing shared passenger and...
when buying second-hand timber pallets

When Buying Second-Hand Timber Pallets

A pallet offers good support and stability as a transport structure, and its flat design makes it easier and more convenient to be lifted by the front loader, forklift or an erect crane. The...