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Time Tracking—Best Practices and Mistakes to Avoid

At first glance, tracking employee time seems pretty straightforward. Your employees simply denote the hours they were at work on a timesheet, or punch a time clock and turn their time cards in at...
5 reasons why you need software to manage your referral marketing

5 Reasons Why You Need Software to Manage Your Referral Marketing

People are four times more likely to buy a product or service when referred by a friend. Seventy-seven percent of consumers are more likely to buy a new product when learning about it from friends or...
7 important factors to consider before starting a retail business

7 Important factors to consider before starting a retail business

Are you planning to open a retail business? It could be a fashion boutique, a furniture business, a Walmart-like grocery store, or even a coffee and beans shop. Each retail business emerges from a...
17 benefits of coworking for entrepreneurs


Finding an ideal space for work can be a big problem for many people, especially the people who are into a freelancing career. Co-working spaces are the perfect solution in such cases. Moreover, it...
how to open a successful pop-up store

How to Open a Successful Pop-Up Store

Have you heard of the pop-up store concept? Pop-up stores, also known as flash retailing, is a trend of opening short term sales spaces that only last for days or weeks before shutting down...
five tips to understand card issuing business

Five Tips to Understand Card Issuing Business

In the current high tech world, credit cards have become a primary form of payment in banks, companies, and most organizations. These credit cards have helped offer better customer services as well as ensure...
how to make the most out of your coworking experience

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Coworking Experience

Driven by a desire to help people grow, we encourage collaboration between businesses in our space. One way we do this is with CoWork Me's  members incentive program.    LEARN MORE Our members come from a range of backgrounds and industries...

5 Things Every Finance Start-up Owner Should Know

Many entrepreneurs tend to bend towards the finance industry owing to its exponential growth due to the introduction of technology along with finance resulting in financial technology which is also widely known as FinTech....

6 Hacks to Avoid Failure in FinTech Start-up

Do you plan to start a FinTech start-up and eager to know more about it? The number of FinTech start-ups is growing really fast as people see a lot of profit scope in this...
looking for a cheap office to rent?

Looking For A Cheap Office To Rent?

Looking for a private office, but can't justify the price? Look no further. You can now get your own private office at a massive 45% discount.  We only have two available, so be quick. ENQUIRE NOW! The two offices...