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a guide for first time go kart drivers

4 White Hat SEO Tactics to Try

"SEO is Dead," "SEO sucks," and "We've never seen the likes of it," has been regularly sung throughout the blogosphere. You've heard it, me too. But is SEO really dead? Not so fast. Professional...
dont hire seo freelancers or seo agencies without looking for these qualities

Don’t Hire SEO Freelancers or SEO Agencies without Looking for These Qualities

Today, websites have become an essential element of a business's success. Its visibility on the search results page has a direct impact on your overall business function. So, to make sure your page is...
google core update: an overview

Google Core Update: An Overview

Google continues to evolve its search parameters to enhance the search results. These may include minor updates but you should be aware of these as they may have a major impact on your rankings.  Content...
choosing the right seo consultant

Choosing the Right SEO Consultant

If you're embarking on a new marketing strategy for your website or small business, it's important to consider a few main points. Many of the basic strategies for optimising your website can be done...
marketing strategy

What Is The Modern Marketing Concept Definition?

Marketing is the art of persuading potential clients of the advantages of your goods or services through effective communication channels. It consists of techniques such as promotions, advertisements, sales promotion, persuasive selling, personal selling,...
SEO By Duncan Andison

What is next for SEO

The professional landscape that spans the globe is one that has been involved and improved time and again over the years. We have seen a remarkable amount of attention to detail and overall emphasis...
essential digital marketing & seo ideas for businesses in 2021

Essential Digital Marketing & SEO Ideas for Businesses in 2021

The global impact of the global pandemic has been a turning point for the lives of millions of people worldwide. While people struggled with the global and local lockdowns, businesses were forced to either...
optimizing your business website: top 5 seo trends to follow in 2021

Optimizing Your Business Website: Top 5 SEO Trends to Follow in 2021

Making it in the world of business is one of the hardest things in the world, yet it’s not impossible. Being better than your competition takes a lot of time and energy, especially when...
how to optimise web design and seo

How to Optimise Web Design and SEO

SEO web design is the method of designing and maintaining websites that are Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) friendly. If your business is in Australia and if you need to have an SEO-friendly website that...
how website design and seo need to work in harmony

How website design and SEO need to work in harmony

What came first, the website design or the SEO? If you’re undertaking a new website design and build project, one of the key things you need to consider is search engine optimisation (SEO). Not only...