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what is a buyer’s advocate and how do they work?

What Is a Buyer’s Advocate and How Do They Work?

We all know what a Real Estate agent does. They are licensed to sell or rent houses, offices, or land space for their clients. A Buyer’s Advocate is the total opposite as they are an...
a landlord’s guide to depreciation schedules

A Landlord’s Guide To Depreciation Schedules

Buying a property to rent can be a huge risk. You may not know if a property is worth the investment, and without the right research, you will be venturing into the unknown. There’s...
are house and land packages in sydney a good investment?

Are House And Land Packages In Sydney A Good Investment?

Getting real-time financial benefits is a primary goal of every investor in the real-estate sector. Undoubtedly, Sydney is among the ideal places for you to invest in the real-estate domain, but you need to...

11 Tasks To Delegate To Your Future Property Manager

If you're an investor, a landlord or a rental property owner, then one of your goals would be to maximize the revenue-making potential of your property. However, the responsibilities that come with owning and...
the benefits of opting for a knockdown rebuild in sydney

The benefits of opting for a Knockdown Rebuild in Sydney

If you own a house that is not in the right condition and needs some change, you may be confused like many others. Well, the most confusing thing in this moment of your life...

Process Of Creating 3D Architectural Visualisation In 5 Steps

3D architectural visualisation is a tool used by architects and 3d rendering designers to create realistic images of their proposed designs. An example is this Australian studio RenderVision who do 3d rendering for the...
how to find out who your strata manager is?

How to Find Out Who Your Strata Manager Is?

Whether you are unsatisfied with the strata management services in your building or want any strata questions answered, you are probably unsure of who to contact. Even rental agencies are rarely forthcoming with information,...
buying a waterfront property: things to consider before investing

Buying a Waterfront Property: Things to Consider Before Investing

Despite the global pandemic ravaging the world’s economy left and right, the demand for waterfront properties hasn’t gone – in fact, it’s quite the opposite. Now that staying at a hotel has become somewhat...

Top 5 Tips for Buying and Restoring Old Houses

If you are aiming to buy an old house that has character and restore it in a modern fashion, then you should be prepared for the full journey. With enough patience and dedication, this...

Is a conveyancer the same as a solicitor? Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia, 2021?

When buying or selling real estate in Australia it’s advisable to engage a property lawyer to act on your behalf and guide you through the real estate settlement process. You can choose to hire...