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how to become a freelance illustrator?

How To Become A Freelance Illustrator?

For people that interested to become a freelance illustrator, there are several things that you must do as part of the groundwork. Until and unless you are prepared mentally, it becomes difficult for you...
Product Catalogues

Product Catalogues – The Direct Equation with Sales!

Business is all about increasing sales volume and profits. Every brand wants to deliver more and more and generate maximum revenue. If you want the same thing for your business then here is what...
tips for choosing a suitable digital marketing agency

Tips For Choosing a Suitable Digital Marketing Agency

Most entrepreneurs opt for online marketing strategies. Digital marketing is gaining more popularity because of its effectiveness. A firm that invests in digital marketing will have higher odds of achieving set objectives. Most individuals...
sales strategy 5 marketing tips that are proven to boost sales

Sales Strategy – 5 Marketing Tips That Are Proven To Boost Sales

Focusing on work can be extremely difficult when you’re not getting the number of leads you want for your business. Rather than feeling defeated, give yourself a break and acknowledge that no business performs...
blurn helps you realise your profits in a saturated market in 2020!

Blurn Helps You Realise Your Profits In A Saturated Market In 2020!

As 2020 is kicking off, digital marketing space is not going to sit back down. In fact, if you conduct market research today, everyone is going gaga over 2020 and the latest marketing trends,...
5 reasons why you need software to manage your referral marketing

5 Reasons Why You Need Software to Manage Your Referral Marketing

People are four times more likely to buy a product or service when referred by a friend. Seventy-seven percent of consumers are more likely to buy a new product when learning about it from friends or...
8 key benefits of seo for businesses

8 Key Benefits of SEO For Businesses

With the ever-changing search engine algorithm, every online business owners, bloggers and website designers are obsessed with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Everyone wants to implement the latest SEO trends by hiring the best SEO services....
what are the best ways to find the suitable digital marketing agency?

What Are The Best Ways To Find The Suitable Digital Marketing Agency?

It will be great if you have finally decided to switch to online business. However, the problem is that success will come overnight. There are several ways of marketing your product, and unless you...
5 promotional products to increase the customer retention

5 Promotional Products to Increase the Customer Retention

When you run a business, sales prospecting should always be on top of your mind while working out strategies to retain customers. It happens when you connect with your customers for the first time...
how to create the best social media presence for your business instagram

Top Essential Steps to Develop The Best Digital Marketing Strategy For Your Business.

With 2021 advancing to its full swing, digital marketing strategies have become an essential part of all online businesses. If you have just recently launched your business website, you can obtain organic traffic by...