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why do i need a company check service?

What Perils Can Company Verification save My Business from in the Modern World?

Some of these perils may seem obvious, such as inadvertently choosing a company that turns out to be either unable or unwilling to render services or products to the quality expected. Maybe they have...
your rights under victoria’s ‘authorised worker’ vaccine mandate: an expert explains

Your rights under Victoria’s ‘authorised worker’ vaccine mandate: an expert explains

  Picture: Daniel Pockett/AAP Racing to hit vaccination targets and lift the restrictions making Melbourne the world’s most locked-down city, the Victorian government has mandated COVID vaccinations for an estimated 1.25 million of the state’s 3.5...
what goes into avoiding litigation as a large business?

What Goes Into Avoiding Litigation as a Large Business?

Business ownership can be challenging, rewarding, and profitable. Getting sued, however, is never fun for a business owner. All parties to a lawsuit are likely to find that it is time-consuming, costly, and emotionally...
how to find an immigration lawyer

How To Find An Immigration Lawyer

Applying for a PR or other types of visas might seem quite straightforward, however, there is more to it than simply filling up the form. It is also necessary to submit several documents and...
Intellectual Property

Someone Stole Your Intellectual Property? Here’s What You Can Do

From copyrights to trademarks, we see different types of intellectual property everywhere. For an individual or business, protecting intellectual property allows them to build a unique brand and benefit from their innovations. Intellectual property such...
Can employers make workers get the COVID vaccine header

Can Australian employers make you get a COVID-19 vaccine? Mostly not — but here’s...

  Picture: Onchira Wongsiri/Shutterstock Australia’s official policy on vaccines is that they be voluntary and free. But the federal government hasn’t shut the door completely on employers pursuing mandatory policies of their own. Last week the...

Is a conveyancer the same as a solicitor? Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia, 2021?

When buying or selling real estate in Australia it’s advisable to engage a property lawyer to act on your behalf and guide you through the real estate settlement process. You can choose to hire...