money laundering misconceptions business owners need to know

Money Laundering Misconceptions Business Owners Need To Know

Numerous businesses these days need to watch out for potential money laundering activities. If suspicious activity is detected, reporting is necessary. The problem with money laundry compliance and related topics, like proof of address...
reasons to get a personal loan

Reasons to Get a Personal Loan

Personal loans are one of the most commonly used financial tools in the modern world. People use them for various reasons, ranging from financing their personal enterprise all the way to covering financial emergencies....
how to determine if a personal loan is right for you

How To Determine If A Personal Loan Is Right For You

Considering personal loans can sometimes be a frustrating experience, especially when you are indecisive about them. As much as it promptly fulfils our financial needs, we also have to consider lots of factors that...
things you need to know about bankruptcy in australia

Things You Need To Know About Bankruptcy & Finance In Australia

How much do you know about bankruptcy? Bankruptcies are at a 24-year low in Australia, but if you run a business you still need to know what to expect if financial difficulties occur. It is absolutely...

Understanding payday loan and pitfalls associated with it

Of lately, payday loan has been the talk of the town. Payday loans are short-term loans with a high rate of interest and works differently than the regular bank loans. The laws governing the...
personal finance mindmap

How To Manage Your Personal Finances

It can be tricky to be an adult, especially if you love to shop and are not good with numbers.  There is so much to do, and so many things that can be seen across...

Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Trading

As a digital currency bitcoin is gaining importance in most parts of the world. In fact the world has been seeing a bitcoin revolution. So what is it that makes Bitcoin so different? What are...
powerful money or financial tools everyone must use

Powerful Money or Financial Tools Everyone Must Use

It is quite challenging to keep track of the financial aspect of your business. Right from expenses to invoices to everyday accounting including handling efficiently the IRS, everything could prove to be overwhelming for...
the dirty secret at the heart of the projected budget surplus: much higher tax bills

The dirty secret at the heart of the projected budget surplus: much higher tax...

Bill shocks are the flipside of a surplus built on higher tax collections and tighter access to support payments. Shutterstcok The budget is bouncing out of deficit and is set to stay in surplus for...
Entrepreneurial Terms

Launching a startup? 8 Entrepreneurial Terms You Should Know

Like so many groups, entrepreneurs have a specialized vocabulary. When entrepreneurs communicate with their peers there are certain buzzwords used that need to be understood. We’ve compiled a list of eight of these buzzwords...