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Capitalism and bacteria Header

How capitalism ruined our relationship with bacteria

Drawing from the Wellcome Collection There are many rational reasons that motivate consumers to spend US$65 billion annually on household cleaning products. But non-rational mechanisms are nevertheless still at work in the cleaning products market, as in...
No Presents, Please: How Gift Cards Initiate Children Into The World Of ‘credit’

No presents, please: how gift cards initiate children into the world of ‘credit’

Most Australian children have such a glut of toys that parents are opting to give them gift cards so they can choose for themselves. rawpixel/Unsplash Western children have more toys, games and possessions than ever...
‘i don’t want anybody to see me using it’: cashless welfare cards do more harm than good

‘I don’t want anybody to see me using it’: cashless welfare cards do more...

Image: Shutterstock The Australian government touts compulsory income management as a way to stop welfare payments being spent on alcohol, drugs or gambling. The Howard government introduced the BasicsCard more than a decade ago. About 22,500 welfare recipients...

Debt management techniques that startups can implement from the first day

Debt and businesses go hand in hand regardless of its type and size. Whether it is an ongoing business or a startup, debt is one of the most popular means of business financing. Ongoing...

The Importance Of Vision And Leadership

Being a leader is more than managing people and resources. Being a leader involves understanding the environment of your business, the workings of your organisation, and the strengths and weaknesses of your people and...
Why And How Retailers Turn Everyday Items Into ‘must-have’ Collectables

Why and how retailers turn everyday items into ‘must-have’ collectables

Our collections are a part of us and our life story, and the act of collecting holds a certain comfort. Shutterstock Coles’ recent “Little Shop collectables” promotion has proved a hit with consumers, with entire...
inflating 365,000 balloons to create a world record

Inflating 365,000 Balloons to create a World Record

As many of you would know I am a local, Melbourne event decorator who prominently works with balloons. What you may not know is that I have recently returned from 11 breathless days at...
Scrimp and save

Scrimp and Save – 5 Ways to Get by When You’re Flat-Broke

There’s no worse feeling than having a few measly pennies to your name and worrying about not being able to afford your basic needs. While being broke is a stressful experience, it’s possible to...

6 Easy Tips In Maintaining Business Equipment That Lasts

All businesses, no matter how big or small, depending on their respective pieces of equipment to ensure quality product production and service. However, the sad reality is that not all value their investment. Most...

Need to find a good restaurant? Economics serves up some golden rules

Stay away from the tourists traps, economics tells us. Your best bet are those cozy places away from the bustle. www.shutterstock.com Where to eat? It’s a question you’ve probably pondered when visiting somewhere unfamiliar....