5 types of electrical maintenance to ensure your home safety

5 Types Of Electrical Maintenance To Ensure Your Home Safety

Electrical maintenance is an essential aspect that keeps all the electrical installations, fittings, appliances of your property running in their optimum efficiency. It ensures that every electricity-powered item in your home is running smoothly...
business management practicess

5 Business Management Practices to Implement in 2019

  Running a modern business is like heading out on the highway.  Things can become dangerous if all you do is focus on trying to keep up with the fast pace of everyone else.   The truth is...

Homes with higher energy ratings sell for more. Here’s how Australian owners could cash...

The University of Wollongong Illawarra Flame House demonstrates how a typical Aussie fibro home can be transformed into a net-zero-energy sustainable home. Dee Kramer, Author provided Everybody wants an energy-efficient home. After all, an energy-efficient home...
aussie larrikin spirit gets final laugh over bp in downfall meme battle

Aussie larrikin spirit gets final laugh over BP in downfall meme battle

The Australian Workers' Union has hailed a victory for the larrikin spirit after the Federal Court upheld the Fair Work Commission's decision to reinstate a worker who was sacked by BP over making a...
‘louts, thugs, bullies’: the myth that’s driving morrison’s anti-union push

‘Louts, thugs, bullies’: the myth that’s driving Morrison’s anti-union push

The most unionised occupation is teaching, the next most unionised is health care. Shutterstock What have Scott Morrison and and Attorney General Christian Porter got in mind for unions? The answer seems to be more of...

How to Select the Best Concrete Floor Coatings

Concrete floors are hard, durable, strong and long-lasting, but many people avoid them because of their grey, dull and boring appearance. But these days, a variety of coatings can be applied to concrete floors...
Heavy Haulage

Few Things to Know About Heavy Haulage and It’s Benefits

Manufacturing units cannot be opened in every state or every country. The major manufacturing units are located in the outskirts of the country where the availability of the raw materials, power, space is adequate....
things you need to know about bankruptcy in australia

Things You Need To Know About Bankruptcy & Finance In Australia

How much do you know about bankruptcy? Bankruptcies are at a 24-year low in Australia, but if you run a business you still need to know what to expect if financial difficulties occur. It is absolutely...
australia post can’t turn back. here’s why

Australia Post can’t turn back. Here’s why

Picture: Shuttlestock Hand-written letters and posted bills are disappearing, and they were vanishing well before the latest slump. Australia Post says between 2007 and 2019 the volume of personally addressed letters more than halved (over a period in...
how to get people to eat bugs and drink sewage

How to get people to eat bugs and drink sewage

Disgust may be an impediment to many of us adopting more sustainable lifestyles, from considering alternative foods to drinking recycled water www.shutterstock.com In wealthy societies we’ve become increasingly picky about what we eat....