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buying an apartment building

Buying an Apartment Building

Have you thought about investing in an apartment building? Or maybe you are new to property investment and are not sure whether an apartment building is a good move? Here is some useful information...

The Concept of Money: Is It What You Think It Is?

Hello dearest readers,  Today I want to start by asking this question; “What is money and how does it work?”  Most of us think about money constantly, asking questions like, “How much money do I have?”  This conversation around money is somewhat endless.  For many of us, it has moved beyond a healthy focus and manifested into an
a guide for first time go kart drivers

4 White Hat SEO Tactics to Try

"SEO is Dead," "SEO sucks," and "We've never seen the likes of it," has been regularly sung throughout the blogosphere. You've heard it, me too. But is SEO really dead? Not so fast. Professional...

Third year of declining phone and internet complaints but problems persist for small businesses

Complaints about phone and internet services decreased 6.1 per cent in the last financial year ending 30 June 2021. During this period, residential consumers and small businesses made 119,400 complaints to the Telecommunications Industry...
making the cut with a chain sawmill

Making the Cut with a Chain Sawmill

A chainsaw mill in Australia is a very useful sawmill that can turn logs into lumber.  It can be used by one or two operators. Once it has turned the logs into lumber, this...
assets for life: 7 benefits of having an accountant for your business

Assets for Life: 7 Benefits of Having an Accountant for Your Business

Every business owner knows the term accounting very well for some reason, especially when it is time to renew the business permits and pay the taxes.  Having an accountant is fundamental to all types...
3 money management tips for business owners

3 Money Management Tips for Business Owners

3 Money Management Tips for Business Owners Businesses are the backbone of our economy, and as such, they need meticulous management. Unfortunately, the process of running a business can be insensitive. It's no wonder statistics...

How COVID-19 can help you SAVE MORE and SPEND LESS

Hello readers,  COVID-19 has impacted all of us in some way, and if you watch anything on the news you will hear about all the negative aspects, but have you ever wondered how this pandemic has positively affected us and what opportunities it has afforded us.   If you are in a lockdown state, you have seen a radical change in your
risk management for business – 4 effective ways to to get it done

Risk Management for Business – 4 Effective Ways To To Get It Done

Risk management in any form of business, large or small, is just as important as creating a product line, providing good customer service or working out the best way to make a profit. Without...
5 areas where improvements in your manufacturing business can really pay off

5 areas where improvements in your manufacturing business can really pay off

When it comes to improving your business, it can seem like you are unable to see the wood for the trees. However, there are a few ways in which only a small improvement cannot...