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why is diversification in investment important?

Why is Diversification in Investment Important?

The risk factor has existed since the existence of the world and will exist until the apocalypse. The risk can never be reduced to zero but can be reduced to minimum levels. Just as...
will 2022 bring the end of bitcoin genesis stage?

Will 2022 Bring The End Of Bitcoin Genesis Stage?

When it comes to the spotlight of the Cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin has always been on the news since the beginning. And, the year of 2022 hasn’t been any exception in that too. Since the COVID-19...
how cryptocurrencies may impact the banking industry

How Cryptocurrencies May Impact The Banking Industry

Cryptocurrencies are becoming adored assets worldwide. Perhaps this is because of the fact that it has been the only industry that has given more millionaires than any other industry. Sensing the hidden potential of the...
video marketing to grow your startup | tips

Video Marketing to Grow Your Startup | Tips

Video marketing isn't a fad; you need to get serious about it as a startup. In case you don't know already, video marketing is one of the tools you'll need to accelerate your growth...
what are the blockchain challenges for australia

What Are The Blockchain Challenges For Australia

Blockchain has the ability to disrupt the economy and society in a radical way. It can simplify the transactions and digital transfers between the individual without the need of any third party for intermediaries.  Although...
what you need to know if you want to start your own business

What you need to know if you want to start your own business

Starting your own business is an incredibly exciting challenge to take on, but it can be arduous too.  When you have the success of the entire enterprise resting on your shoulders, there is no one...
3 things to know about smart building integration 

3 Things To Know About Smart Building Integration 

An innovative establishment uses a wide range of technology, from actuators to sensors, to collect activity information within the building. As organizational leaders effectively evaluate and leverage these valuable insights, they can instantly discover...
older australians need more financial support amid pandemic

Older Australians need more financial support amid pandemic

Financial experts are encouraging pre-retirees to sharpen their financial skills as a new report from the University of South Australia shows that 31 per cent of older Australians (aged 55+ years) feel insecure about...
4 overhead lifting safety tips for preventing workplace injury

4 Overhead Lifting Safety Tips For Preventing Workplace Injury

Safety is of the essence in any workplace. Besides ensuring your workers don’t get injured, you also want to eliminate the expenses and legal actions that might arise from a workplace injury. Different workplaces...
hidden costs, manipulation, forced continuity: report reveals how australian consumers are being duped online

Hidden costs, manipulation, forced continuity: report reveals how Australian consumers are being duped online

Image: Shutterstock Australian consumers’ choices on websites and apps are being manipulated through online designs taking advantage of their weaknesses. That’s according to research on consumers’ online experiences and the presentation of websites and apps, released...