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the many types of transference in therapy

The Many Types of Transference in Therapy

Transference is a common phenomenon you may see in therapy. However, you may have no idea what it means. Let’s talk about it. What is Transference? When you visit your therapist, you are visiting someone who...
a mental disorder, not a personal failure: why now is the time for australia to rethink addiction

A mental disorder, not a personal failure: why now is the time for Australia...

 Image: Shuttlestock The year 2020 has challenged us all. The bushfires and then the pandemic forced us to reflect on what’s important, how we respond to crises as a community, and the ways we connect...
there’s no magic way to boost your energy. but ‘perineum sunning’ isn’t the answer

There’s no magic way to boost your energy. But ‘perineum sunning’ isn’t the answer

 Image: Shuttlestock If you keep up with wellness trends, you might have heard of something called “perineum sunning”. If you haven’t, it’s just what it sounds like. It involves going outside undressed — at least on...
what goes into opening a massage therapy clinic?

What Goes Into Opening a Massage Therapy Clinic?

Starting your own massage therapy clinic might seem like a daunting prospect, but with the right approach, you can ensure that your clinic is a huge success. When you’re starting any business, it’s important...
ideas for therapeutic play

Ideas for Therapeutic Play

Kids with Autism Use Play for Therapy Suppose you feel your child may have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), or you just received a diagnosis, you’ll naturally first want to know why. Was it something you did in...
things you need to consider before choosing a trained and skilled podiatrist for you foot care

Things You Need To Consider Before Choosing A Trained And Skilled Podiatrist For You...

Many of you might be having problems in your legs, that you are unable to walk or it gives you mild pain sometimes, it can happen if you walk more when you don’t give...
probiotics, prebiotics, and gut feelings

Probiotics, Prebiotics, and Gut Feelings

Our bodies have trillions of different bacteria living in them. While this may sound daunting, these bacteria contribute to our digestive health. Moreover, they aid in supporting our immune system and various other physiological...
thinking of seeing a psychologist? here’s how to choose the therapy best for you

Thinking of seeing a psychologist? Here’s how to choose the therapy best for you

It’s important to find a psychologist you connect with and who seems to understand you. Priscilla Du Preez In any year, one in five Australians will experience symptoms of a mental illness. While drug treatments are widely used...
Why the NBCOT® Exam is crucial for Occupation Therapists

Why the NBCOT® Exam is crucial for Occupation Therapists

Every profession have something for us to deal with right after college; We have board exams for nurses, bar exams for lawyers and board-certification exams for occupational therapists. Do many people ask why you need...

Spoil Your Senses: Visit a Luxury Spa Retreat This Year

At Sukhavati Ayurvedic Retreat & Spa, we offer a range of luxury spa treatments to spoil your senses. Bali is the perfect backdrop for a sensuous and relaxing experience. Our retreat programs also include...