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Sunday, May 22, 2022
many sick and disabled people are refused permanent visas. we need compassion not discrimination

Many sick and disabled people are refused permanent visas. We need compassion not discrimination

Australia has changed the way it decides whether children with Down syndrome, and other conditions, can migrate permanently to Australia. But the changes don’t go far enough. from www.shutterstock.com A three-year-old boy with haemophilia and an...

People with disability are more likely to be victims of crime – here’s why

It’s not just about carer stress or socioeconomic   disadvantage. Halfpoint/Shutterstock The Morrison government has finally agreed to a royal commission into the abuse of people living with disability – if the states get on board. After hearing...
Autistic people and fitting in Header

Expecting autistic people to ‘fit in’ is cruel and unproductive; value us for our...

It takes all sorts: workplaces can harness as strengths the differences that usually disadvantage people with autism. Shutterstock Just 16% of adults with autism are in full-time paid employment, and this situation is not improving. The...