5 signs that tell you need root canal therapy

5 Signs That Tell You Need Root Canal Therapy

For most, hearing the word ‘root canal’ sends an alarming response. However, it’s not as scary as it sounds. A root canal treatment is done to remove bacteria from the tooth’s infected pulp, avoid...
best ways to care for your dentures

Best Ways to Care for Your Dentures

Loss of teeth need not be a cause for you to become a hermit and never mingle with civilization again. Investing in the proper and accurate dentures can definitely help not only regain your...
invisalign: the transparent revolution

Invisalign: The Transparent Revolution

What is Invisalign? Always dreamt of that smile, yet undergoing your teeth straightening treatment. Yes, this dream is now worth coming true with the aid of a new medical miracle in the world of oral...
what are my options after breaking a tooth?

What Are My Options After Breaking a Tooth?

Breaking a tooth can be traumatic. Not only will you have to get your tooth repaired and pay for the bill but you might also be concerned about your smile. Having a broken tooth...
all you need to know about all-on-4 treatment

All you Need to Know About All-On-4 Treatment

What is All-On-4 Treatment? All-4-Dental implants offer a permanent solution, unlike removable dentures. With All-on-4 treatment, you can skip the lengthy conventional implantation procedure.  Gift yourself a healthier smile. All-on-4 dental implants replicate the functionality and look...
are porcelain dental veneers a good solution?

Are porcelain dental veneers a good solution?

As someone who personally doesn’t believe in intelligent design, human teeth are probably my main case against the idea. When you think about it, everything about our teeth is pretty messed up. First of...
how cheap porcelain veneers can transform your smile?

How Cheap Porcelain Veneers Can Transform Your Smile?

Everyone wants that beautiful, Hollywood smile. Though, those usually come at Hollywood prices. One thing that would warn you against is trying to find a dentist who will do your smile makeover with cheap...
who should visit a geriatric dentist reservoir professional?

Who Should Visit a Geriatric Dentist Reservoir Professional?

There does exist various types of dentistry services that each serve to offer numerous types of dental treatments for the respective type of dental conditions. If you may or may not be already familiar...
do you need to brush a baby’s teeth?

Do You Need to Brush a Baby’s Teeth?

Brushing is something we do at first just after waking up. Indeed the most vital part of our daily life which we should not skip at any cost. But wait what should we do...
porcelain veneers v/s composite veneers: what to choose?

Porcelain Veneers v/s Composite Veneers: What to Choose?

“What is the most significant development in the field of dental science?”. Don’t scratch your head as don’t need to answer this question. But if you ask this question to a person who has...