Sunshine Dentists Approved Ways to Prevent and Remove Coffee Stains? 

A hot cup of coffee is what the body yearns for in the mornings to get us out of our slumber, but when it comes to our teeth, coffee may be detrimental to our...
how to deal with emergency dental needs in sydney?

How to Deal with Emergency Dental Needs in Sydney?

Have you ever injured your fingers while chopping vegetables? or Have you ever hurt yourself while changing your car tyre? If yes, then you would be aware of the type of medical emergencies and...
invisalign: the transparent revolution

Invisalign: The Transparent Revolution

What is Invisalign? Always dreamt of that smile, yet undergoing your teeth straightening treatment. Yes, this dream is now worth coming true with the aid of a new medical miracle in the world of oral...
Dental Tourism Header

Dental tourism: things to consider before going that extra mile for your smile

Many Australians travel overseas for dental surgery.  From Australians spend up to A$300 million each year on health-care costs abroad. As part of this phenomenon, each year around 15,000 of us are travelling overseas for cosmetic surgery tourism,...
finding the right dental practitioner    

Finding the Right Dental Practitioner    

Everyone experiences tooth problems at some point in life. A toothache can manifest itself in the most painful way possible. You may realize that your pearly whites are in dire need of cleaning because...
best teeth brushing techniques for a brighter smile

Best Teeth Brushing Techniques for a Brighter Smile

According to research, people who smile more tend to be more successful with love and business relationships. Furthermore, a bright white smile is guaranteed to be noticed by others and thus make you look...
how often should i get my teeth cleaned?

How often should I get my teeth cleaned?

Teeth cleaning at the dentist can remove plaque that regular brushing and flossing can’t. From If you went to your dentist for a check-up and dental clean in the last year, give yourself a...
do you need to brush a baby’s teeth?

Do You Need to Brush a Baby’s Teeth?

Brushing is something we do at first just after waking up. Indeed the most vital part of our daily life which we should not skip at any cost. But wait what should we do...

Why Choose Invisalign Aligner?

Invisalign is the best alternative to traditional metal braces. With 3D computer imaging technology, a series of clear aligners are created to fit the patient’s teeth perfectly. Invisalign aligners gradually move the teeth into the...
all you need to know about all-on-4 treatment

All you Need to Know About All-On-4 Treatment

What is All-On-4 Treatment? All-4-Dental implants offer a permanent solution, unlike removable dentures. With All-on-4 treatment, you can skip the lengthy conventional implantation procedure.  Gift yourself a healthier smile. All-on-4 dental implants replicate the functionality and look...