the importance of a pediatric dentist brisbane 

The Importance Of A Pediatric Dentist Brisbane 

Children have very weak oral health as they will eat anything and everything they see. You won’t be there always and that can further damage your child’s oral health. This can lead to teeth...
do you need to brush a baby’s teeth?

Do You Need to Brush a Baby’s Teeth?

Brushing is something we do at first just after waking up. Indeed the most vital part of our daily life which we should not skip at any cost. But wait what should we do...
how to deal with emergency dental needs in sydney?

How to Deal with Emergency Dental Needs in Sydney?

Have you ever injured your fingers while chopping vegetables? or Have you ever hurt yourself while changing your car tyre? If yes, then you would be aware of the type of medical emergencies and...
7 questions to ask a dentist on your next visit

7 Questions To Ask A Dentist On Your Next Visit

The key contributor to a healthy lifestyle is to have good oral health.  Are you aware that your oral health can affect you physically and mentally? Yes! That’s true! Many of you may not understand the significance...
great news!

Great News!

Following the latest announcement by the Australian Federal Government and Australian Dental Association (ADA) on Friday 8 May, restrictions to dental treatments provided at our practices have eased from Level 2 to Level 1. From...
best teeth brushing techniques for a brighter smile

Best Teeth Brushing Techniques for a Brighter Smile

According to research, people who smile more tend to be more successful with love and business relationships. Furthermore, a bright white smile is guaranteed to be noticed by others and thus make you look...
finding the right dental practitioner    

Finding the Right Dental Practitioner    

Everyone experiences tooth problems at some point in life. A toothache can manifest itself in the most painful way possible. You may realize that your pearly whites are in dire need of cleaning because...
teen braces

Tips For Travelling With Braces

Young people do not have it easy these days. There is the looming pressure of studies, increasing costs of living the life, the stress of doing better than your peer, and the burden of...
the connection between dental health and sleep quality

The connection between dental health and sleep quality

In today’s modern world our lives have become frantic. It seems like we're constantly having less and less time to relax and have a good night’s sleep. Because of our success we sometimes feel...
the ultimate guide to healthy dental habits

The Ultimate Guide To Healthy Dental Habits

Well maintained dental health is not only beneficial for overall health but it is also a crucial factor in self-representation. A nice, confident smile is always a great asset in the way someone presented...