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4 best tips for yoga for beginners

4 Best Tips for Yoga for Beginners

We can imagine the situation BEFORE and AFTER and yoga as a meaningful path between these two points. Let's ask ourselves the important question of what we don't like about the state BEFORE the...
working on the best crossfit diet

Working on the Best CrossFit Diet

CrossFit Revenant is not just exercise routines and training. Eating the best CrossFit diet for your health and for better training results is a large part of it. The food you eat, or your...
tips on choosing a personal training studio

Tips On Choosing A Personal Training Studio

A personal training studio is hugely beneficial for most people, despite its intimidating and sometimes overwhelming connotations. However, finding the right studio and trainer for you, one that makes you feel comfortable, can make...
home gym essentials

Home Gym Essentials for Effective Weight Loss

These days, it's not safe to pump iron at the gym or jog in the park. Instead of being fit and healthy, you may end up sick and spreading the virus! This is when...
fire hydrant – an effective exercise for the buttocks

Fire Hydrant – An Effective Exercise For The Buttocks

If you ask the athletes in the gym for a fire tap exercise, most of them are unlikely to answer this question. Nevertheless, this is one of the most common and effective movements. A fire hydrant...
top tips for gaining muscle mass

Top tips for gaining muscle mass

The keys to a successful mass gain can be summed up in just two words: nutrition and training. It takes more or less time depending on body type, and some people need to use...
nutrition after weight loss workout


Winter tests the skin in every way. Cold and cold wind on the street, over-dried air in apartments and offices, a sedentary lifestyle - all this does not affect the appearance in the best...

10 Things to Know Before Starting Your Weight loss Journey

If you are about to take on the journey of losing weight, chances are you will get caught in quick fixes that promise you a flat belly in days while every plan for weight...
get shredded 7 ideas to lose fat & stay in shape

Get Shredded 7 Ideas to Lose Fat & Stay In Shape

You don't know why you feel tired most of the time in a day. And the body ache is constant, doesn't seem to go away. Then there are weight issues to deal with. Remember...
4 things to do before and after a workout to get better results

4 Things to Do Before and After a Workout to Get Better Results

Do you ever feel like you’re not getting as much from your exercise routine as you think you should? The thing is, when it comes to working out, most of us tend to focus...