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Sunday, January 17, 2021
White, Brown, Raw, Honey: Which Type Of Sugar Is Best?

White, brown, raw, honey: which type of sugar is best?

Sugar is sugar in the body. But the way they’re processed can make small differences. from www.shutterstock.com In nutrition, sugar refers to simple carbohydrates consisting of one or two basic carbohydrate units such as...
can governments mandate a covid vaccination? balancing public health with human rights – and what the law says

Can governments mandate a COVID vaccination? Balancing public health with human rights – and...

Image: Shuttlestock Earlier in 2020, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said he expected the COVID-19 vaccine to be mandatory. He later backtracked, noting the government “can’t hold someone down and make them take it”. But should it be...
the importance of foot care for diabetics

The Importance of Foot Care for Diabetics

Diabetics must take extra care to maintain their health. The disease can cause problems with many parts of the body. Many diabetics have problems with their legs and feet. These issues can include numbness...
Why ethical eating stops at the door Header

Red meat and imported wine: why ethical eating often stops at the restaurant door

Can eating steak in a restaurant (or reindeer tongue, for that matter) ever be considered an ethical form of eating? It depends who you ask. Shutterstock Nowadays, ethical eating is often presented as a truism: we...
bzzz, slap! how to treat insect bites (home remedies included)

Bzzz, slap! How to treat insect bites (home remedies included)

Picture: Shuttlestock  It’s the holidays and we’re spending more time outdoors. This means we’re exposed to the more annoying and painful aspects of summer — insect bites and stings. There are plenty of products at the...
i can’t get sunburnt through glass, shade or in water, right? 5 common sunburn myths busted

I can’t get sunburnt through glass, shade or in water, right? 5 common sunburn...

 Image: Shuttlestock Despite decades of public health campaigns, skin cancer remains a major threat to health in Australia, with more cases diagnosed each year than all other cancers combined. Skin cancer rates remain high and sunburn is...
how to treat sunburn pain, according to skin experts

How to treat sunburn pain, according to skin experts

 Picture: Shuttlestock So you’re one of the 21% of Australians who got sunburnt last week. While we should be avoiding sunburn, it’s sometimes easier said than done in the Australian sun. What can you do once you realise...
drug regulation economic revival revolution


FLATTEN THE ECONOMIC CURVE The urgency for funding for our health system is at a premium in most peoples consciousness, what happens if there are lines of Ambulances waiting for infected to be processed. So far,...
facelift answers from a plastic surgeon – dr. mark duncan-smith

FACELIFT Answers From A Plastic Surgeon – Dr. Mark Duncan-Smith

 Although facelift is common for cosmetic purposes, I have also done it in the past for reconstructive purpose such as unilateral facial nerve palsy. A facelift should be better considered a face and neck...
Common Skin Rashes And What To Do About Them

Common skin rashes and what to do about them

What’s that rash? Here’s what to look for to diagnose a common skin complaint. from www.shutterstock.com Everyone has had the unpleasant experience of a rash on the skin – pink, red or purple, flat...