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which things should not take with ed medication?

Which Things Should Not Take With ED Medication?

Currently, more than 40% of men are suffering from the problem of erectile dysfunction. With low erection during sex with their partners, they become unable to make a good sexual performance. However, erection dysfunction...
can taking vitamins and supplements help you recover from covid?

Can taking vitamins and supplements help you recover from COVID?

Image: Shutterstock Australia’s surge in COVID cases this year has seen many people looking for ways to protect themselves or boost their immunity and recovery. An upswing in sales of dietary supplements has followed. In Australia, the Therapeutic...
4 things you should consider before getting dentures

4 Things You Should Consider Before Getting Dentures

Taking care of your dental health is considered vital as maintaining your physical and mental health. Doing so does not only help you have good breath and a pretty smile, but it can also...
lemon water won’t detox or energise you. but it may affect your body in other ways

Lemon water won’t detox or energise you. But it may affect your body in...

Image: Shutterstock If you believe anecdotes online, drinking lukewarm water with a splash of lemon juice is detoxifying, energising and soothing. Water and lemon juice on their own are healthy. But if you combine them, do they...
3 weeks to go until head first mental health conference for the music industry!

3 weeks to go until Head First mental health conference for the music industry!

It's just 3 weeks to go until our Head First conference discussing mental health and wellbeing on Wednesday 25 May, and tickets are selling fast! The full-day conference, held at the new Australian Institute of Music (AIM) campus in Sydney,...
using bmi to measure your health is nonsense. here’s why

Using BMI to measure your health is nonsense. Here’s why

Image: Shutterstock We’re a society obsessed with numbers, and no more so than when managing our health. We use smartwatches to count steps and track our daily activity, creating scores for our fitness, and monitor our...
know the major benefits of zoom teeth whitening?

Know The Major Benefits Of Zoom Teeth Whitening?

It is known that a smile can make or break your personality and image. If you have a white set of teeth, you will feel confident going out, talking with people, and having a...
how important are carbohydrates for men’s health?

How important are carbohydrates for men’s health?

Carbohydrates are one of the macronutrients of your food item. Taking in excess carbohydrates is an important part of your diet as it helps you to supplement energy. You need to take in proper...
don’t bring covid home on election day. plan your vote to stay safe

Don’t bring COVID home on election day. Plan your vote to stay safe

Image: AAP Image/Bianca De Marchi Given what’s happening in some places in the world right now, we should take a moment to appreciate how lucky we are to live in a peaceful democracy. We all...
older australians on the tough choices they face as energy costs set to increase

Older Australians on the tough choices they face as energy costs set to increase

Image: Shutterstock Australian aged care policy and programs are increasingly focused on what’s known as “successful ageing” – helping people feel satisfied, happier and healthier as they age. The goal is not just living longer, but also living better. An essential part of ageing...