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Jim Keys

Jim Keays Exhibition

Rock Legend Jim Keays fronted rock band The Masters Apprentices as singer-songwriter, guitarist and harmonica-player from 1965 to 1972, and had many Top 20 hits in their career. Keays, as a member of The Masters Apprentices,...
Fred Negro

Fred Negro Exhition at Pumpkin Lane

THIS THURSDAY Fred Negro, the unofficial Mayor of St Kilda, is having an exhibition of his works at Pumpkin Lane Gallery at 16 Blessington Street St Kilda starting this Thursday night and running until the...

David Hockney interrogates space and time

Installation view of David Hockney: Current at the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne. © David Hockney Inc. When a living treasure like David Hockney visits our shores, it might be tempting to hold a...
‘david hockney  – artist or old smartist?


Who said an old dog can't learn new tricks? David Hockney, at 80ish, knocks that one on the head in his exhibition "DAVID HOCKNEY CURRENT" at the National Gallery of Victoria (11 Nov 2016...
unspecified 3 1

Circus Oz- an interview with Rob Tannion

It was in 1978, that Soapbox and New Circus met, joining forces they would later become Circus Oz. After more than three decades of wowing audiences, both locally and abroad, the company holds a...
listen to older voices: ross d. wylie – part 2

Listen To Older Voices: Ross D. Wyllie – Part 2

This is the 2nd of a 4-part program on the Life & Times of Aussie singer and TV program host – Ross D.Wyllie. In part 1 we learned how Ross contracted polio, but how a...
nebuchadnezzar explained: warrior king, rebuilder of cities, and musical muse

Nebuchadnezzar explained: warrior king, rebuilder of cities, and musical muse

William Blake’s portrait of the Old Testament Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar II, who in the Book of Daniel ‘was driven from men, and did eat grass as oxen’. Tate Britain Kanye West’s first operatic work, Nebuchadnezzar,...
Virginia Woolf Show IMG

Edward Albee’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Winterfall Theatre presents a new Melbourne production of Edward Albee’s classic play Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Having ventured out into a freezing Melbourne night where snow was falling thickly somewhere on the mountains...
cream of the crate: cd review #49 – the traveling wilburys : the traveling wilburys collection

Cream of The Crate: CD Review #49 – The Traveling Wilburys : The Traveling...

    This review was originally posted on the first Toorak Times web site where publications ceased on that site in March 2017. The old site will be permanently closed in 2020 and these reviews...
Eddie and the Gravediggers CD Promo

Los Borrachos : Eddie and the Gravediggers – A Review

"I don't know about digging graves, but I certainly dig the music!" I have to be honest, I requested a copy of Eddie and the Gravediggers because the “lead” guitarist on it is an...