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social inequality and hyper violence: why the bleak world of netflix’s squid game is a streaming phenomenon

Social inequality and hyper violence: why the bleak world of Netflix’s Squid Game is...

  YOUNGKYU PARK/ Netflix Squid Game, an original Netflix drama produced in South Korea, is a streaming phenomenon. Released on 17 September, within two weeks the series has become the most watched Netflix title in 76 countries,...
sunday essay: on birds — feathered messengers from deep time

Sunday essay: on birds — feathered messengers from deep time

  Picture: Matthew Newton, Bob Brown Foundation/AAP When I experienced a great loss in in my early forties — almost a year to the day after another — I went to see my mother in...
how making a film exploring indigenous stories of the night sky enriched my perspective as a scientist

How making a film exploring Indigenous stories of the night sky enriched my perspective...

          Ilgari Inyayimaha (Shared Sky), painted by artists Margaret Whitehurst, Jenny Green, Barbara Merritt, Charmaine Green, Kevin Merritt, Sherryl Green, Tracey Green, Wendy Jackamarra, Susan Merry, Johnaya Jones, Gemma Merritt, Craig ‘Chook’ Pickett, and...
hidden women of history: annie lock was a bolshie, outspoken australian missionary, full of contradictions

Hidden women of history: Annie Lock was a bolshie, outspoken Australian missionary, full of...

      Missionary Annie Lock with Enbarda (Betsy) left, and Dolly Cumming, both children from the Alice Springs area in Central Australia. Photo taken in Darwin. National Archives of Australia Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander readers...
why beethoven wasn’t the original punk rocker of classical music

Why Beethoven wasn’t the original punk rocker of classical music

      Comparing Beethoven to punk rockers is based on the composer’s attitude to tradition, but is it an accurate categorization? (Shutterstock) Last summer, the meme “Beethoven was Black” was trending online, a trope that drew...
Listen To Older Voices TT Header

Listen To Older Voices: Angela Rose – Part 2

Due to ongoing COVID lockdown we have visited our Vault of Treasured Memories to bring out a Golden Moment Program - where we are presenting a program broadcast in the past, and where we...
sunday essay: nevermind 30 years on – how nirvana’s second album tilted the world on its axis

Sunday essay: Nevermind 30 years on – how Nirvana’s second album tilted the world...

      Kurt Cobain in April 1993, during a benefit concert in California. AP Photo/Sam Morris   For many of us back in 1991, it felt as if the planet tilted slightly further on its axis when...
sunday essay: an introduction to confucius, his ideas and their lasting relevance

Sunday Essay: an introduction to Confucius, his ideas and their lasting relevance

      Confucius at the ‘Apricot Altar’. By Kano Tan'yû (Japanese, 1602–1674). Mid-17th century. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston   The man widely known in the English language as Confucius was born around 551 BCE in today’s...
listen to older voices: the story of trooper thomas mcintyre – part 3

Listen To Older Voices: The Story of Trooper Thomas McIntyre – Part 3

    This is the third and final part of this remarkable tale of what actually happed at Stringybark Creek on October 28 1878, when the Kelly gang killed 3 policemen.     Only one policeman survived, Trooper Thomas...
sunday essay: 10 photography exhibitions that defined australia

Sunday essay: 10 photography exhibitions that defined Australia

    10 photography exhibitions that defined Australia  Hoda Afshar’s exhibition Remain, The Substation, Melbourne, 2019. Photograph by Leela Schauble. Courtesy the artist and The Substation, Melbourne Australians have always loved photography exhibitions. They are consistently among...