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listen to older voices: pasquale colodonato – part 1

Listen To Older Voices: Pasquale Colodonato – Part 2

This is second part of the 3-part Life & Times story of Pasquale Colodanato. In Part 1 we learned he was born in 1935 and at the age of 6 was sleeping in the...
got your bag? the critical place of mobile containers in human evolution

Got your bag? The critical place of mobile containers in human evolution

Picture: Shuttlestock Today, bags are everywhere — from cheap canvas ones at the supermarket to designer handbags costing up to US$2,000,000. But archaeological evidence shows we have been using mobile containers — bags and other carrying...
A Brief History Of Briefs – And How Technology Is Transforming Underpants

A brief history of briefs – and how technology is transforming underpants

Underpants have a long history and, it seems, a bold future. shutterstock Underpants. We tend not to talk about them but they are a fact of life (unless you go commando). Briefs have a fascinating...
64th blake prize

64th Blake Prize

It is not simply an esteemed history that has maintained the relevance of the Blake Prize. In the last ten years the Prize has seen a resurgent interest in its subject matter of religion,...
montague: a community lost and found 2019

Montague: A Community Lost and Found 2019

Montague remembered at Carlisle Street Arts Space Montague: A Community Lost and Found, an exhibition which gives viewers a glimpse into the lives of Montague residents, is on display at Carlisle Street Arts Space (CSAS)...
Matt Hughes

Artist Talk & Exhibition: Quiet Time: Above Savage River

Howdy People, I'm alocal Photographic Artist. I currently have an exhibition of work on display at the Gasworks Arts Park, Port Melbourne. This Saturday (after the Farmers Market) I shall doing an Artist Talk...
a new view from park towers

A new view from Park Towers

A chance discovery has led to a fantastic photographic exhibition marking 50 years since the Park Towers housing estate in South Melbourne opened to residents. Monument to a View: Park Towers 1969-2019 can trace its...
a nice warm bowl of porridge: 3 ways plus a potted history

A nice warm bowl of porridge: 3 ways plus a potted history

Picture: Alex Motoc/Unsplash As winter begins, porridge makes an excellent choice for breakfast. For many, porridge is redolent with memories of childhood. It is warm, filling, high in fibre and associated with lowering blood cholesterol. Its very reliability...
first nations families need support to stay together, before we create another stolen generation

First Nations families need support to stay together, before we create another Stolen Generation

      Child protection services must be culturally safe and responsive to the Aboriginal children and families they serve. Jodie Griggs / Getty Image   Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (First Nations) children are increasingly being removed from their...
from lurid orange sauces to refined, regional flavours: how politics helped shape chinese food in australia

From lurid orange sauces to refined, regional flavours: how politics helped shape Chinese food...

  A Chinese community dinner in Sydney, some time in the 1930s. City of Sydney Archives The first whiffs of Chinese cooking in mid-19th century Australia would have emanated from tiny huts owned by Chinese...