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Monday, January 20, 2020

Heaven on earth: the ancient roots of your backyard garden

The connection between the gardens of Versailles, and your backyard garden, are closer than you might think. Shutterstock You don’t have to be an avid gardener or know all the Latin names of plants to...

5 Useful Garden Décor Ideas to Consider Today

With the variety of garden tools and gadgets on the market, many people can’t really tell what the essentials are anymore. And then there are the decorations, which are also considered garden basics. Is...

Pruning Your Losses – A Guide To Culling Unseasonal Plants

Many plants will thrive in the colder months, but will wilt away as the sun begins to come out and the irrigation systems are turned back on. The end of a growing season is...
Wardian case revolutionised the plant trade Heafer

How the Wardian case revolutionised the plant trade – and Australian gardens

Melburnians admire the first primrose to arrive in the colony transported by a Wardian case,in Edward Hopley’s A Primrose from England, circa 1855. Bendigo Art Gallery, Gift of Mr and Mrs Leonard Lansell 1964 The first journey of...
air purifying plants happy healthy air e1516115910127

12 Air Purifying Plants That Will Clean Your Air

We need fresh air to live a healthy and full life, but it’s fast becoming a luxury. Residents of many major cities around the world are plagued with smog and poisonous gases from motor...