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keep safe and cool in the pool: novel chip sensor makes swimming pools safer

Keep safe and cool in the pool: novel chip sensor makes swimming pools safer

A new microchip that enables continuous monitoring of pH and chlorine levels in swimming pools will vastly improve water safety and hygiene for more than 2.7 million Australians as new research shows it can...
renovations as stimulus? home modifications can do so much more to transform people’s lives

Renovations as stimulus? Home modifications can do so much more to transform people’s lives

Ingo Bartussek/Shutterstock The stated purpose of the Morrison government’s HomeBuilder program is to stimulate the economy and create construction jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our research shows home improvements could do much more than just add capital value...
a decade of design

A decade of design

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger Stand a little taller The past few months have been challenging for us all. Our thoughts are with those who have been impacted in these difficult times. As we start...
home improvement – concrete does not stop your plans! 

Home Improvement – Concrete Does Not Stop Your Plans! 

The presence of concrete does not have to put an end to your home renovation plans! It might be hard for you to deal with yourself, but there are professional companies that can be...
choose macrame wall hangings – environmentally sound art

Choose Macrame Wall Hangings – Environmentally Sound Art

There are many great reasons to choose a macrame wall hanging for your home. They are beautiful pieces of artwork, they brilliantly evoke feelings and reactions from people looking at them, and they are...
all you need to know about ergonomic wardrobe cabinet and furniture


The ergonomics of the wardrobe cabinet is a parameter that must be taken into account by those who keep clothes just about anywhere. Sorting and throwing away old things alone do not always help...

Great time to try: starting a vegetable garden

Picture: Tania Malréchauffé/Unsplash There is a long history of looking to one’s own garden or small farm when the weight of economic and political chaos becomes too much to bear. Since the first major depression that...
who is a land surveyor and what do they do?

Who is a land surveyor and what do they do?

Who is a surveyor? A surveyor is a person who demarcates and establishes boundaries of official lands, airspace and water. The role of land surveyors is to develop documents of comprehensive designs and work alongside...
the advantages of led downlights and led fluro lights 

The Advantages of LED Downlights and LED Fluro Lights 

More and more people are changing traditional lighting out for LED options. Where once impractical for widespread use, developments in the technology have come to a point now where that is not the case...
builders in adelaide and south australia

Builders in Adelaide and South Australia

If you’re in Adelaide, you may have some trouble trying to find the right dream home builder for yourself, however, there is one right under your nose (we’ll explain that later). Most importantly though...