Tomato Seeds in a Sandwich Bag


Tomato Seeds in a Sandwich Bag
Karen Sims’s audiences are always grateful that her shows don’t focus on bodily fluids and gross and gratuitous swear words. Her current show, Tomato Seeds in a Sandwich Bag, directed, written and performed by Karen, is no different. She reveals a lot about herself but it never sounds needy or cheap. She can laugh at herself but is no pity-party participant. Stand tall, even if it’s only 157 centimetres.

A fifty-something female comedian, Karen doesn’t like being middle-aged any more than you do but a fact’s a fact. Let this middle-aged woman entertain you.

Karen makes people giggle and sometimes guffaw at the judgemental comments she makes about people wearing tracksuits in public and other sartorial travesties.

Karen is warm and inclusive and happy to help with any problems you may have. Jealousy and revenge don’t always lead to bad karma. Sometimes they’re necessary.

Tomato Seeds in a Sandwich Bag is a rapid-fire sixty minutes of witty stories and abrasive opinions about topics as diverse as talcum powder and victimless thieving. Yes, that’s a thing.

Karen’s narrative includes politics, religion, relationships, a little bit of sex and whole lot of observations that invariably have audiences nodding in furious agreement. You’re welcome to disagree but by golly, it’s at your own risk.
Come along for a pleasant hour, drink in hand, bottom on seat and discover the wonder that is those Tomato Seeds in a Sandwich Bag.
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