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Tips to flaunt your body with style

tips to flaunt your body with style

We are staunch supporters of the ‘One Size Doesn’t Fit All’ concept, but do fashion mavens and pioneers believe the same? In support of the hundreds of thousands of busty and curvy Victorias, we know it is no big secret – pun intended – that the fashion industry gets their money on unconventional body standards. Such unnatural body types create a negative mindset that being ‘thick’, ‘busty’ and ‘curvy’ is not healthy. But, fast forward to 2020 where Lizzo is giving us the ingredients for the juice to stun the look and feel proud of your plus-sized body.

We understand that the fashion industry is somewhat obsessed with fruits when it comes to classifying women’s various body shapes and types. Chances are that you have been forced all your life to wear a bra underneath your clothes just because you are an oversized woman. But with labels becoming more inclusive of all body types, rocking a plus size without paying heed to body-shaming rules is an achievement towards celebrating diversity.

However, there might be certain clothing styles that would not do justice to your body frame as compared to those that fit and compliment your curves. To know more about what fits the shoe and what might not, we have mentioned 5 tips that will help you flaunt your body with style.

1)     Asymmetrical Necklines and Boxy Silhouettes

Women who had been cornered in the fashion world since ages are now appearing more in the magazines, and credit goes to plus size lingerie NZ. But society expects you to wear decent clothes when you are leaving home. Particularly, there are not too many options when it comes to supporting oversized upper body parts, but Chrissy Teigen and Queen B portray otherwise. Such women are advised to stay away from high waistlines or necklines particularly because they cannot afford a boxy silhouette look. However, it is the right time to rewrite those rules and go back to what we all are familiar with i.e. looking fabulous effortlessly no matter what size we are.

Our first tip is about wearing shirts for the plus-sized body, because we may not want ourselves to be stared at the workplace due to open button gaps. We must wear what makes us comfortable and breathable. But if it’s too inappropriate for work, keep it for later and wear it to the bar or any other socializing gig.

If Beyonce can flaunt her body with an asymmetrical neckline, surely you can take some inspiration from Queen B and do yourself a favor too. If you are comfortable in wearing an asymmetrical neckline, try one that reads deep and plunges into your cleavage. After all, what works for the goose might not work for the gander, and that’s completely okay. At the end of the day, style is what we are looking for.

2)     Loose Sacks

Wearing oversized shirts and jackets is considered to be liberating. But you must ignore the misconception that women are expected to wear dresses that stick to their bodies and accentuate their curves. At times, you might find a dress that hugs your curves but fails to go down to the rest of your body. Maybe it will look good to you in the mirror, but you won’t be comfortable at your friend’s party with a dress that barely covers your waist.

While you can go for a flattering cocktail dress that helps outshine your hourglass figure, we are more in favor of opting for boxy dresses. Oversized women are often recommended to steer clear of ruffles because it can drag unwanted attention on your body features.

Potato-sack dresses are more common with a rectangle or banana-shaped bodies in which your waistline, and hips are somewhat similar in shape and size. But here we are, telling you to wear an airy yet boxy dress with ruffles that hang just beneath your thighs and gives you a sexy silhouette free of a crippling waistline! A loose dress lays adequately cover your body frame, complementing your curves, and allowing your body to breathe at the same time.

3)     Look behind – flattering apple-bottom jeans!

You are gifted with a pair of curves down below that people are spending a heavy membership at the gym just for learning the right way to squat! With a bottom as natural as yours, we think you should never keep it contained! The best part – and the worst, at times – is that busty and curvy women have a defined waistline and soft shoulders to support that broad! But with a defined waistline and broad hips come a reason to flaunt jeans of all kinds!

To challenge the moon in fullness, we want you to wear jeans that are fitted to the core but a little stretchy to give your rear room to breathe. Don’t wear jeans with a short fly – they might get too tight and rip right in the middle. Prefer wearing jeans that have smaller pockets so that they end right where the focus of a good pair should be and thus, sit up higher. It would be simpler to look for a pair of fitted yet stretchy jeans with an upward or rounded seam that meets the rear pockets right above.

4)     Jump in a bodysuit

Imagine having the perfect hourglass figure where you have curves throughout your body to flaunt! But, with an hourglass or pear-shaped body, you simply cannot style your bust and leave the rear begging for basic fashion attention. However, styling an hourglass figure is a cinch because there are just too many options in the market!

First of all, you do not have to wear a couple of layers or flared bottoms to make your body frame prominent like people with a rectangular frame have to regularly. You can simply throw on a jumpsuit and let the material hug your curves without having any struggle to make them prominent. Even if you are a broad rectangle, you can throw on a body-hugging, straight dress and let your curves do your magic.

5)     Layer and Wrap!

Petite body frames might lack curves if they are elongated and rectangular instead of having a curvy, pear-shaped body. Who says you cannot create the illusion of luscious curves by layering up and wearing wrap-up dresses that enhance your body frame? Wear a sports or padded bra that helps to give shape to your bust and occasionally, wear layers or wrap dresses that enhance your waistline. Wear clothing with small, elusive prints on dark backgrounds to create a vertical vision of your petite body frame. 

The Final Verdict

The basic steps to wearing clothing are to first, accept your body frame as it is! If you cannot express love for your body, you cannot expect yourself to find solace or comfort in any dress that you land your eyes on. Sure, there are a variety of different body types, but that does not mean that it is a heinous fashion crime to wear what you feel comfortable in!

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