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Tips To Find the Right Plus Size Lingerie



Being a plus size does not mean having huge brassieres that look uninspiring and unusual to buy. Different brands have catered to the needs of all shapes and sizes as well as giving adequate support to fit well. As the saying goes, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Holding this line true is the fact that a plus-sized person also looks as beauty epitomized as compared to size-zero. This idea can boost some confidence in plus-sized women and they can feel bold. Some problems arise for such body types when you go shopping for clothes or intend to buy lingerie. Every woman, regardless of the size, prefers innerwear that gives comfort and a nice fit to their body. At the same time, it has to make them look sensual and attractive. Many women have a misconception that only skinny women can wear lingerie. However, there are many brands today that offer plus size lingerie for women. Manufacturers have introduced the inner-wear line for plus-sized women, as not all women are the same. It is now very easy for a plus-sized woman to find the right fitting of the innerwear and lingerie that compliments their body. Here we will provide you with some useful tips with which plus-sized women may utilize to get the right lingerie to wear.

For a plus-sized woman, the dream to look great in lingerie is not a dream anymore. However, before going for a lingerie hunt, be sure to consider some factors. Several different items in the category of lingerie are available like thongs, griddles, corsets, G-strings, and bras. They come in many varieties that might get confusing at times. We are here to give you the best tips for your next lingerie shopping and removing all your concerns.

  • Do Not Follow The Trend

While following the trend may be a tempting idea, having the same size might not be available for a plus-sized woman. You might like to follow all the styles available in a magazine. However, the trends present might not prove a perfect style for you. Avoid following the trend, as they might not display the right measure for your amazing figure. Instead, go for regular wear or look for designs trending exclusive for plus-sized women.

  • Find A Fitting Piece

Nothing will make you more comfortable than having perfectly fitted innerwear. Similarly, you may feel awkward under your favorite dress because of the wrong size shapewear. Find whatever you feel looks good on you. Whether you love a color that suits your skin color or a print that brings forth memories. Find joy in pity things and your inner confidence will shine all by itself.

  • Breathing While Getting Measurements

You have to relax while giving measurements for your lingerie. Do not tuck in your tummy or hold your breath to make your curves appear prominent out of body shame. You have to relax while the shop assistant takes your measurement for the right sized lingerie. Feel confident with your curves, and allow your body to remain as relaxed as possible. Nothing is more important than getting yourself the right-sized lingerie.

  • Choose The Right Size

Before heading out to the store for shopping, get to know your body structure by reading related blogs from designers who deal with your body type. Many women have a common misconception that wearing small lingerie will make them look thinner. This is not the case, to be honest. Trying to squeeze yourself in tight inner-wear will end up exposing unwanted parts of the body. This will leave your look uncomfortable both inside and outside.

On the other hand, buying larger lingerie will make you appear larger. The idea here is to choose the one that fits well on your body. Measure your size regularly as well as before going shopping.

  • Choose What Flatters Your Body

An essential point to consider while shopping for lingerie is to choose something that flatters your body. This is not just for saying, as you need something that accentuates your beautiful parts of the body and hides the rest that needs to be hidden. For example, you can opt for a minimizer bra if you have oversized breasts or can try corset for a slim appearance if you have a wide waistline. Bulky tummy is always a problem for plus-sized women, and they can use briefs especially made for that purpose.

  • Lingerie Fabric

Avoid a stretchy fabric as it can cling to wrong places like your breasts or tummy. Always go for cotton as it will not only give you a good shape but will also make you comfortable. Try different lingerie and choose the one that suits you better. Whatever you buy should make you feel confident and give you a stunning look.

  • Do Not Try To Cover Your Curves

Do not try to cover your curves or hide them and be confident about showing them. Even in plus-sized women, every body shape and size is different. You have plenty of alluring options through which you can use to flaunt those curves and make yourself look more attractive. Embrace your body type and do not be afraid of the people who have been judging you. It’s your right to be happy and look fabulous the way you are.

  • Look For Underwire Support

For those who shop for plus size lingerie, always look for underwire support. This support does not look too frumpy and cuter in appearance. It can easily stock smaller back sizes as well as larger cups. Having underwire support is an essential part of your inner clothing.

  • Speak Your Mind

Too many times buyers rely on the recommendations given by salespersons at their shop. We tend to buy according to those recommendations, even though we do not feel comfortable. Be firm in deciding what you want to buy before going shopping. You need to keep your body shape in mind as the recommendation may sound good but might not support your body shape. Only you know the exact measurements and what suits you best. Be open to communicate and decide for yourself rather than taking suggestions. Go online and look for recommendations and reviews to decide what to buy.


Searching for a plus size lingerie is not an easy job; especially when you have special needs to consider. However, brands have launched plus-size innerwear along with regulars that have made it easy for such women to find their preferences. Whenever shopping for your inner wear, consider the points mentioned above as guidelines to make your decision easy. Be confident in your choice and make sure that you purchase what you find best. Do not pay attention to what others say as you have every right to look as beautiful as anyone else. Make your choice according to what you find attractive on yourself and what you choose has to reflect that you have full confidence in yourself.

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