They say all businesses start with a simple idea.

With e-liquids, it’s certainly no exception. 

Usually, for an eliquid manufacturer, it has to do with fresh flavours and good mixing.

However, the essence of vapor liquids lies in quality inventory. Thus, when looking to find a reliable e-liquid manufacturer, it is imperative to know about their limitations of product development. When you have got that math correct, any Tom, Dick, and Harry can keep the sales board running. 

If you are a new player in the Australian vape industry, the following tips can help find a reliable e-liquid manufacturer. 

Let’s find out how. 

Spotting the demand and gaps early on

The vaping industry, despite all the hoopla, is still in its nascent stage. And to make matters worse, the competition is a cut-throat one.

As an upcoming brand looking to make a mark, you will need to start your homework by spotting the gaps early on and providing solutions to the most commonly faced issues by customers. That way, you can get early recognition with your brand and shape up your business right. 

Simply put, find a way to do what other brands won’t. It might come to one as easy–get your e-juice flavors right and make a sale. Well, the reality is a tad bit difficult. 

You will need to figure out who wants your products or if there’s any demand at all in the first place.

Asking valid questions 

Asking questions before you get started with your vapor liquids band will steer you across the right route. 

Questions like your budget range for nicotine salts to help smokers quit for good, or maybe if you’re considering running a premium collection of eclectic flavours for hobbyist vapers catering to a niche market.

Such valid questions will eventually land you in touch with a qualified vape wholesale distributor Australia. This, in turn, will get you through other considerations, namely e-liquid bottle sizes, flavour selections, and much more.

OEM e-liquid manufacturing and White Labeling -Knowing the basics right 

After you have got your concept right, you will need to decide whether you are game for OEM or white labelling. 

But first, let’s sort out the differences.

Broadly speaking, OEM (original equipment manufacturing) is nothing but a  service that is offered by companies to help shape up your business right from the word “Go”. In other words, OEM manufacturing takes care of all paperwork, TPD testing, flavour development, and everything else in between. 

Thus, using the services of an OEM provider is a wise call, if you are a new business on the block and running the show on a budget. 

Furthermore, for any brand that wants to create a range of original and different vapor flavors in Australia, working with an OEM service gives you freedom from investing in a production facility and logistics in tandem. 

These days, some OEM manufacturers also help you with promoting your brand across social media, product label designing, counter display units, banners, and posters. That way, you can grab the attention of high street and online stores as an upcoming band, which is always cool! 

Now, let’s talk about white labelling. 

Compared to OEM manufacturing, white labelling for e liquids is a breeze fast and user indict way to make a foray into the industry. Unlike OEMs that allow one to have full control over a brand, white labelling is for people who aren’t really keen on developing their own product range. Instead, white-label manufacturers make use of the existing product range and support rebranding to be done by another company. 

Take cereals for instance. Several supermarkets accept white label cereal stocks under their own brand name and that too at a discounted rate compared to other brands. Thus, with e-liquid white label manufacturing, you can save both time and money as one doesn’t have to think about product development. It’s already there, just put your own brand label and sell the stuff–no TPD compliance, no testing required as the recipe is already tested, tried, and approved. And all this comes for a nominal fee that you pay towards registering your product.

Quality inventory for innovative e-liquid recipes 

Inventory quality is another significant consideration when choosing an e-liquid manufacturer. And what makes quality stuff?  Ingredients!

Premium liquid labs in Australia guarantee high-quality ingredients and a come-of-age clean room facility to develop best-in-class vape juice. That way one can not only ensure customers get the best product but also meet the legal requirements to gain entry to the market. 

Wrap up 

Undeniably, the vaping industry has witnessed a sea of transformations over the last decade. 

With leading vape importers and distributors like oz-e-liquid and manufacturers like Oceania liquid labs, newer brands are blessed with the finest quality, functional marketing, a wide range of products, and above all sustainable profit margins. 

Now, it’s your cue to take things forward!

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