tips to design the cutest crib for your baby

Are you about to welcome a new family member? We know how exciting this could be, and you want to grab everything you get your hands on for your baby. You can avoid wasting money on unnecessary items by making a list and checking your options online at bubba blue.

Setting up a nursery could take lots of time and money, so it is better to start in your second trimester when your energy level is still high, feet are not too swollen, and you could move around easily. Do not wait for the last trimester to buy important things such a crib, changing table and other accessories because these are big investments and require a lot of research and several trips to stores.

To begin with, setting up the nursery, you have to pick the right crib for your baby. Babies spend a lot of time in the cribs (if trained from day 01), so you cannot compromise on the quality. We all want to buy the best for our little ones, don’t we? While we were looking for a crib for our baby, it took us a couple of weeks to decide the best one. You have to keep in mind the size, color (to go with the nursery theme), and the material used for the crib.

We are going to help you pick and design the cutest crib for your baby, so you don’t make the same mistakes we did. We all learn from our mistakes, but why make the same one when we are here to help.

Tips to Choose the Right Crib


Here are some tips that you should keep in mind while picking the cutest crib for your baby


It is very important to pick the right sized crib for your little one. Keeping in view, the space in your room or nursery, go for a size that is suitable for infants until they move to a toddler bed. If you invest in a very small crib, the chances are that the baby will grow out of it very soon, and you will be bound to spend money on another crib. Do not buy a huge crib that takes up all the space because, with a new baby in the house, you will be required to move around a lot.


Cribs are available in many shapes. From standard ones to Cocoon-like round or oval crib, there are multiple options available in the market. Before making a choice, make sure that mattress according to the shape of the crib is also easily available.


Cribs come with many features. You just got to pick the most convenient one in accordance to your budget. There are space savers, convertible cribs, mini portable cribs, mattress support, adjustable mattress heights and casters etc. While some features are important for one couple might not make a difference for another, so pick the crib as per your requirements.


The most important thing to consider is the safety of the baby. The important points to keep in mind are ensuring that crib is properly assembled and there are no loose parts. The crib is away from windows and blinds so the baby cannot strangle himself with the loose chords. Bumpers, pillows, blankets or any loose items are not recommended to avoid SIDS. The space between the grill should be less so the baby’s body parts do not get stuck in between the grills.

Even if you are buying a standard wooden crib, it does not have to look boring. We will give you some economic ideas to make it look cute because we know you’ve been spending a lot of money on other items.

Tips to Design a cutest crib for your baby

Baby’s Name Over the Crib

This one never goes out of the style. You can get your baby named framed in cute, bubbly font with colorful background and some colors to make it pop out against your beautifully painted wall. Before choosing the color of frame and text, always consider the theme of your nursery. Just because you liked a picture online, does not mean it will compliment your nursery, so it’s time to get creative and design a beautiful space for your baby.

Night-Time Theme

We have always adored this theme. It complements the bedtime so beautifully and creates a cozy environment for your baby. Add a bright moon and stars against a dark-coloured wallpaper to create an effect of a night time. With some sweet bedtime nursery rhymes, it will be a perfect place for your baby sleep time.

Antique Look

If you want to re-live your childhood again, do not be scared and go ahead. With some solid color wall paint and vintage pictures, you can easily add in your favorite toy of your childhood near and give an antique look to your crib. It’ll take you back to some lovely memories, and baby will grow up surrounded by your pretty childhood toys.

Pom – Pom

Recently, everything is about Pom-Pom. You can design the cutest crib for your baby by adding some colorful pom-poms which enhance the theme and look of your baby nursery. If you want to choose dark-coloured poms, go for a lighter wall. In case the wall is darker, go for light-coloured pom poms. You can also create an initial of your baby in a hollow frame filled with colorful pom-poms and top it up with some wall paintings.

The Canopy

Are you a fan of the canopy like us? A canopy gives a cute, airy look to a crib. These canopies are adjustable so as your baby grows, and you can increase the size of the canopy. It gives a very protected and cozy look to your baby’s safe place.

Cars, cars, more Cars, and Trucks

If you want to create a theme of transportation prints for your baby’s crib, go ahead because it surely is a good idea. Grab some cool pictures of cars, trucks, and wagons and get them framed. A light-coloured textured wall will suit the bright colored cars beautifully framed and hanged on the wall. To create a more sophisticated look, go for symmetrical sized frames.

Floral panels

To create a cutest crib for your baby girl, go all floral! Add beautiful pink, purple and white floral printed panels to the wall and pair it with a round gold piece in the center to create a royal look for your little princess.


Designing the cutest crib for your little one doesn’t cost you an arm or leg if you spend wisely and get your creative juices flowing in. With our ideas, you can turn a standard crib into the cutest crib for your little one.