tips to be the best personal trainer

Stand out in your gym and become a good fitness professional with these five tips to be the best personal trainer.

Room monitors, directed activities and personal trainers are the souls of the gym. Without them, the collective classes would not make sense, and the members would not benefit from that important figure, necessary to fulfill their objectives.

To be a personal trainer, you need to train with degrees, masters or online personal trainer courses and have studies and knowledge in disciplines such as physical activity, nutrition and human anatomy.

A profession of the great responsibility that requires years of training and experience and in which you must always be up to date with the latest trends and advances. To be good, you have to work, but what do you have to do to be the best personal trainer? Follow our advice and find out!

They are all great fitness professionals, passionate about their work and role model for those who want to make sport your way of life. But what makes them stand out from the rest and stand out as experts? Of course, in addition to specialized training and experience, their skills, attitude and desire to achieve new goals.

If you want to be the best personal trainer, don’t forget these requirements. But to start the road and have a good base, we give you five practical tips that you can surely apply to your present or future working days.

1.     Be attentive and responsible

A good personal trainer is interested in your coach’s comments and opinions about classes and progress in the training plan. It is necessary to make the student understand what are his characteristics, context and above all, his strengths and weaknesses. The achievement of the objectives will depend on the needs, time and goals set, but you must always be aware of problems and doubts that may arise. The important thing is the person.

2.     Offer a close and personalized treatment

Think about how you would like to be treated, what would you look for in a personal trainer if you were the client. Being close and pleasant is vital for gym members or students of your center to trust you and that thanks to your classes or training program they will be able to improve their strength, endurance, agility or flexibility.

3.     Stay in top shape

As it should be, you have to lead by example. Worry about taking time for your workouts and sessions, about being fit and prepared for your work. Taking care of yourself mentally and physically is essential.

4.     Renew and update if necessary

All areas change and transform and more one as the fitness sector in which the equipment and gym machines evolve very quickly. New technologies, modern designs, innovative and revolutionary training and exercises. Try to keep up and go to courses, seminars and conferences so that nothing is overlooked.

5.     Have fun and enjoy your work

If you feel a real passion for being a personal trainer, your students will notice it and see that you really enjoy doing your job, something main to get to transmit the motivation, perseverance and perseverance that is needed for physical activity and sports practice.

Would you add any other recommendations to this list?

We hope that our Gym Factory team liked this article and that those who are in full training or are already great professionals in this field motivate you to continue advancing in your challenges.

Become a sports coach – that’s how it’s done!

Health and wellbeing are very important nowadays.

The more stressful the professional life, the greater the desire to simply switch off and take time for yourself.

As a result, more and more people are willing to pay for expert advice and personal training.

No wonder that personal training is enjoying growing popularity.

Have you also wondered what it would be like to be in the service of the well-being and health of other people and to be one of the happy people who can freely organize their working hours?

With each client, you face a new challenge: different starting situations, skills and training goals.

But you are always the problem solver with the infectiously good mood.

The one who ensures that those who are not fit for the sport will soon be entered on the list of endangered species.

Clearly: Personal Trainer is the best job in the world!

The trend that began in the United States in the 1970s and initially spread mainly among stars and starlets has long been suitable for everyday use.

In the meantime, the whole west is experiencing fitness fever, even if many people still have very inaccurate, partially prejudiced ideas about the sports coach profession.

In reality, of course, it is not enough not to get out of breath when climbing stairs to give your fellow humans physical education.

So if you are faced with the difficult question of choosing a career or want to quit your current job to start a new, exciting adventure, you have come to the right place!

What is a personal trainer? Attention, risk of confusion!

There are various activities in the field of sports professions.

Despite certain similarities, a fitness coach should not be confused with the following professions :

  • physical education teacher
  • Instructor in the sports club
  • Sports animator
  • Fitness trainer for competitive athletes

Take, for example, the sports teacher.

In contrast to the fitness trainer, his work is based on lengthy training.

His five-year sports course for a teaching post is followed by a two-year legal traineeship in which he is prepared for his teaching work under the supervision of other teachers.

He then passed his second state examination, received civil service status and was allowed to teach independently.

As a sports teacher at primary schools, junior high schools and high schools, his job is not to supervise each student individually, but rather to supervise an entire class.

As a result, he does not support children and adolescents in building muscle, losing weight or increasing well-being.

In his lessons, which are closely tied to the curriculum of the respective federal state, he tries to arouse his students’ interest in sports and exercise.

He teaches them the basic techniques, disciplines and rules of the game and also conveys values such as team spirit and fairness.

In contrast, a fitness trainer is not used in schools.

Instead of taming wild hordes of schoolchildren, he trains in a relaxed atmosphere with motivated individuals, which means that he will certainly not hear the sentence “I forgot my gym bag!”.

What training and qualifications does a personal trainer need?

The income of a personal trainer depends on a variety of factors.

For example, if you work in a permanent gym, you have a secure monthly income, but you will rarely fly high.

A self-employed sports coach, on the other hand, is exposed to greater risks but can decide more freely about his income.

However, extensive skills and knowledge are required to offer your customers a tailor-made exercise program and to ensure that they achieve their training goals.

The more qualifications you can show, the higher you can make your fee.

In addition, you have the opportunity to specialize or train yourself through further courses in order to be able to provide your clients with expert advice in all health-related areas.

This includes:

  • Nutritional science: Because a balanced diet is just as important as exercise when it comes to getting fit again. Simple nutritionist training is already available as a six-month distance course, whereas state training as a dietician takes three years.
  • Other specialization options include yoga, Pilates, fitness training for competitive athletes, soccer training, relaxation techniques and fitness massages.
  • If you want to start your own business as a sports coach, you need a sound knowledge of management and marketing. In order to be well prepared, you should definitely take part in a business start-up seminar.


These training opportunities are recommended but not absolutely necessary.

Depending on the needs of your course participants, you should decide for yourself how extensive your specialist knowledge must be.

In order to be employed as a trainer in a gym, a license is required in most cases.