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Tips For Planning A Disco Party For Kids



When planning a theme party, the children’s interest should be kept in mind. Many children and teenagers love music and dancing. If your child is the same, he will be delighted to have a children’s disco party for his birthday. However, many parents now face an important question. How do I organize and design a disco theme party? This quick guide is going to guide you through it. It will give you some ideas and suggestions for a cool children’s disco party. And you may be able to do all the work yourself.

For example, teenagers have their very own musical idols and stars that are adored by them. Therefore, you must consider their taste of music when planning a kid’s disco party. You can easily find popular playlists on the internet for kid’s dance parties.

And there is the question of what to serve in terms of food and drink. Again, you can easily find recipes on the internet that will inspire you to do all the cooking and arrangement yourself. However, if your hands are already full, you can always choose a catering company or restaurant to take care of that for you.

Turn the Party Room into a Dance Floor

Of course, the question of where to celebrate is very important. You can convert the living room into a disco, but a large room like the basement or the garage might be more suitable, where nothing can break. Space is certainly the most important thing at a children’s disco. If you have no options, you can rent a party room or hall. Once you have decided where to celebrate the disco party, you can quickly transform it into a cool disco in just a few simple steps. Of course, the stylish disco ball and the right kind of lighting are going to be essential, so start there.

How about a real bouncer at the party? He can also act as a DJ because a DJ should be present at the disco party. A professional DJ’s are available but can be quite expensive.

Following Are Some Ways To Plan A Memorable Disco Party For Kids:

1. Children’s Disco Invitation Including Text and Ideas

Now we come to the invitations for the children’s disco. Either you make them yourself, or you buy them ready-made or order them online. Here are some inspirations:

DIY Disco Ball Invitation

Cut a circle out of cardboard and stick it with hologram foil. You can also cut an old CD into small pieces or take mosaic stones and stick them on the cardboard circle. The disco ball invitation is ready, with space for the invitation text on the back.

Glistening CD Invitation

Burn CDs with your favorite music then stick hologram foil on the cover with pictures according to the party theme. You can write the invitation text on the table of contents as well.

Example invitation text

  • Hi…
  • On… (date) at… (time) my children’s disco will start at… (address).
  • Let’s party together and chill until the party’s end. Style up properly and put on a cool disco outfit.
  • If you cannot come, call my telephone number…. To…. give an update that you are not coming.
  • Otherwise, I’m already excited and looking forward to you.
  • Bye, your …..

Disco Party Decoration for Children’s Birthday

The decoration for the disco theme party should be colorful. A cool party atmosphere comes with a matching disco party decoration, for example:

  • Colorful disco party dishes
  • Party time scatters decoration for decorating tables and Co.
  • 1970s room decoration, for example, dance floor pennant chain or disco party banner
  • Retro birthday tablecloth

Furthermore, colorful streamers, garlands, and balloons are essentials. Also, Fan Posters of favorite stars or groups are making a good impact on the wall. The obligatory mini disco ball decoration should also be present.

2. DIY Disco Ball

If you don’t want to buy one, you can quickly make it yourself. Put a paper Mache on a round balloon and let it dry well. Don’t forget the cord to fasten it on the top. If everything looks nice and secure, you can decorate the paper Mache ball with CD snippets. For example, the whole thing works very easily with a Styrofoam ball from the craft store!

3. Spot on: This is How you Conjure Up the Right Setting

Especially at a disco party for teenagers, it is appropriate to darken the party room well. Maybe you can even celebrate the party in the evening and turn it into an overnight party.

During the day, you can hang the windows with dark fabric or stick them with black fabrics or paper bags so the room will be nice and dark. The neon lights and colorful spots can be a good choice in the party room. In the meantime, there are also disco light bulbs to buy, which can be quickly and easily turned into a normal light bulb socket and provide a great disco light experience.

The use of colorful spots, fog machines, and dry ice depends on your preference. Generally, people do use some of these things. Also, neon colors make it particularly suitable for the children’s disco.

4. Neon Colors as Disco Decoration Highlights

Most people know the neon trend from the 80s, but even today, decoration in neon colors is still very popular. They are ideal for a children’s disco

  • Neon balloons.
  • Colorful neon garland.
  • Party dishes in bright colors, for example, bright pink.
  • Stars Lantern.
  • Neon green pompom honeycomb ball.

5. Strengthening for the Dance Mice

Any kind of food such as pizza, fries or sandwiches is suitable as a disco party meal. Small snacks such as popcorn, chips and pretzel sticks should also be made available in any case. It is best to serve them according to the theme of the party on tables with suitable decorations such as disco party dishes.

6. Cool Drinks: Non-alcoholic Cocktails

A “cocktail bar” (cocktails without alcohol) is good for kids. Here are a few fruity ideas for every kid’s taste:

Refreshing Summer Cocktail          

You need

  • 2 cl lime syrup
  • 8 cl cherry nectar
  • cold ginger ale
  • ice cubes

This is How You Can Make a Drink:

  1. Pour lime syrup and cherry nectar into a glass and add ice cubes. Mix with the spoon.
  2. Fill the glass with cold ginger ale.
  3. Garnish the drink with a lemon wedge and cocktail cherry.

Exotic Fruit Cocktail

You need:

  • 1/2 organic lime
  • 2 cl woodruff syrup
  • 4 cl pear juice
  • 4 cl pineapple juice
  • crushed ice

This is how you can make a fruit cocktail drink:

  1. Pour the woodruff syrup and crush lime into the glass.
  2. Fill the glass with crushed ice.
  3. Pour pear juice and pineapple juice over it. Add a straw.

Kids will greatly enjoy these cocktail drinks and have a great time at the party.


It is good to arrange a disco party for your children or teens. They will have great fun with their friends and enjoy their time a lot. Many arrangements are needed to organize and plan a successful Disco party. So, have a successful children’s disco by paying special importance to the overall theme, decorations, costumes, food, and drink.

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