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Tips For Maintaining Appliances to Last Long



Bad appliance maintenance habits will cost you. You can save thousands of dollars following the right installation, maintenance, and repairs of appliances at home.

This will be tricky for you if you are a homeowner, especially when doing it for the first time. In such situations, you must be cautious. And if not sure of anything, contact Lexity for appliance installation. Some of the services that require you to hire a professional are range hood installation, electric ovens installation, fridge services and more.

Here are the tips for maintaining your appliances; read on:

Avoiding Overloads in Washing Machine

Sometimes, you can think you’re saving on energy, time, and water when you cram more clothes in the washer and dryer. Overloading the washer and dryer will damage the motors, belts, or other moving parts.

Making repairs on your washer or dryer machine is expensive. It will be ranging to the price of a new machine.

Cleaning Refrigerator Coils

The moment your refrigerators have stopped working, the first thing to think of is the coils. This is something that electrical repair experts’ find – particularly on a hot day. For most fridges, you can access the coils after you have removed the front grille.

After that, push a cleaning blush – you can buy at home centres – and clean the coil. If the coils are at the back, you must pull the fridge to clean them.

In addition, clean coils can cool more efficiently, which saves energy and the environment.

Keep the House Quit

If you are using dryers and washers, these appliances make a lot of noise and vibrations. They will transfer the vibrations to the floors throughout the house.

That is a small challenge that you can solve by putting in anti-vibration pads. This is one of the ways to keep the machines silent but repair them; check here.

Recalibrate the Oven Temperature

When you realize that the temperature in your oven is off or the new oven doesn’t heat properly, you should recalibrate the temperature settings. This will depend on your model.

Check the instructions manual on how to calibrate the oven. When you don’t have the manual, you can check online using the oven model number. Place the oven thermometer on the center shelf to confirm whether the oven maintains a constant temperature.

After that, follow the procedure on the manual and calibrate your oven temperatures.

Never Slam the Doors

The moment you start dropping and slamming the lid of the washer or dryer, it will lead to the breaking of the door/lid switch. This would be the last thing you will never want to experience because it will cost you over $100. You need to avoid such unnecessary repairs by gently closing the door and lowering the lid.

Cleaning Window Air Conditioners During Winter

After winter, your window air conditioner will be holding nasty surprises. Some of the things to find are the dead bus and dust. However, these air conditioners are also likely to have health threats like mouse droppings and mould.

So, you must ensure that after winter, you clean the window air conditioner.  When blowing dust, better when you do it outdoors.

Cleaning Stove Spills

When you realize that your stove burner doesn’t come on, the culprit here is spilt food. You should use a toothbrush and clean the food spills offer from the igniter.

Also, ensure you have cleaned the round ceramic seal and strike plate that sits on the burner.

Clean Dishwasher

Sometimes, the dishwasher will not get dishes clean. In such situations, then you may have to blame a food-filled filter. In most cases, it is usually clogged, and water will not reach the spray arms for cleaning dishes.

If you want to fix this problem, it can take you two minutes. Pull the lower rack out and then remove its filter cover inside. Confirm from the manual when you don’t spot the filter.

With a dry/wet vacuum, off the screen. Still, in there, you should slide the nearby float and switch up and down. In case the cover will stick, then jiggle up and down.


Most electrical maintenance and repairs are challenging to do yourself. You should only do those you’re comfortable handling. The challenging activities – either installation, maintenance, or repair – leave them to Lexity professionals. These professionals are skilled and experienced to offer you reliable services.

Lastly, hire electricians depending on the services they offer. You can get recommendations from friends or through online reviews. These will help you in your final decision.

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