Facts & Tips for Keeping Pests Away From Your Home

facts & tips for keeping pests away from your home

Facts & Tips for Keeping Pests Away From Your Home


A long history of pests in Australia since 1788, Captain Arthur Phillip discovered the land of Australia. There are facts and tips to keep pests away from your home in this article. Worth reading.

How To Get Rid Of Spiders

Spiders are probably the most common pest you will find in your home as they are appearing worldwide. Being also one of the most diversified species with more than forty thousand different spiders around, they will surely get in your way.

Spiders have 8 legs with a large body and some carry venoms, of which only a few types are dangerous to humans. The life span of a spider is relatively short and does not usually extend beyond two years. The life span of males is mostly even shorter. Now let’s see how to get rid of spiders if you have some at your home.

facts & tips for keeping pests away from your home

The main food for spiders are other insects and pests, so in some way, spiders are your friends. However, if you have a pest problem in your home, spiders will usually appear as well.

Spiders like to hang out in messy, untidy, and damp environments. If you have rooms that are resembling this, spiders will find a place where they can hide and flourish. Special attention needs to be placed on the kitchen, where the potential is great especially if you have food lying around that has not been cleaned for an extended period of time.

The easiest and most common solution is to vacuum the spider’s web and the spiders as well. This will get rid of spiders from your living areas, however, remember that spiders can and will very well survive in your vacuum bag and will be able to at some point get out easily. So do not forget to dump the vacuum bag and change it if you have extensive spider vacuuming.

The other potential for getting rid of spiders is with the usage of spider repellents, which for the type of creatures the spiders are, is not really recommended. When you get rid of all the spiders, you can have a party for your kids without worry and get kids to bounce house rentals in Arlington so they can have fun without worrying about getting bit by spiders.

If you finding it hard to use DIY Pest control tips. Hire a professional pest control company for pest management.

How To Get Rid Of Centipedes

Getting rid of centipedes is probably one of the easiest tasks around, considering all the pests you could be dealing with in your house. Moreover, centipedes are your friends in that they consume flies, spiders, bed bugs, and other pests and thus are helping you to clean the house. Centipedes are not harmful to humans and will not even bite you. However, seeing them around the house or your bedroom is not the best-looking sight you want to have. Centipedes by themselves are spread around the world and are even appearing in very cold and non-hostile environments. Their usual dwellings are below dead wood or biomass such as leaves and soil. Worldwide there is well over 8 thousand different types of centipedes.

So how to get rid of centipedes? The advantage is that centipedes in your house will not appear in large numbers. If you find a couple that will be a lot and so getting rid of these two is not a major issue. You can squash them and then wipe the remainders with a tissue or you can put swipe them out or get them or just throw them out of the house. Throwing them out is probably the best idea since centipedes will feed on other pests in the area.

You can as well use a commercial insecticide to get rid of them. The swiping of the floor will however still be up to you. You can expect a bad smell from the insecticide for a while. Going natural is always the best way.

One of the other possible natural options of how to get rid of centipedes is to use sticky traps. These will catch possibly some other pests as well, so you will kill more pests with this one. The centipedes will stick to the sticky trap and will not be able to get away, just like the other pests. Make sure to change the traps once in a while so that they are still effective for killing pests.

Isolate your house of flies, insects, and other pests. This is why you probably have centipedes since they are only on the lookout for food. If you block any holes and isolate your roofing, you will be better off in general with regards to possible pests intrusions.

One of the other prevention methods of pests entering your dwelling, in this case specifically the centipedes, is to make an order of your house surroundings. If you have old wood lying around, this is a possible source also if you have excess trees, you might want to hire a tree service removal company in Desoto tx to trim or remove trees, that way the centipedes don’t have anywhere to fester and grow. Just changing the order and cleaning the wood a bit with a broom will be good. When you have it in order, also cover it with plastic foil. Get rid of any dying or old wood that cannot be used anymore. If you have left lying around, get this cleaned up as well, burn it down or dispose of in a natural disposer/composter.

How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies

Fruit flies are short life span flies that are breeding in rotting fruit or material. The most know species is the Drosophila, which also has a more worthy cause in studies for the purpose of genetics and ecology.

Fruit flies are more of a nuisance as they do not pose an immediate danger and are appearing especially in the late summer months when fallen fruit start rotting and fruit flies will spread in enormous quantities as their egg-laying capabilities and capacities are huge.

They prefer organic matters that have started decaying as the nest of their new breeding seeds and they can very well appear in your kitchen or storage rooms if you do not pay attention to rotting materials. Getting rid of them is then the next thing and with fruit flies, it is not the hardest exercise you will get with pests.

You already know what to do in the kitchen to get rid of fruit flies. Throw out all rotten and ripe flies infected vegetables and fruits, one way the can fester if your doing home construction and have all kinds of trash outside from the construction, you can hire an Omaha construction dumpster rental to get rid of all the debris when you’re done with your construction.

Check all your fruits in your fruit baskets as you could have a rotten apple at the bottom that will have you unprepared later. Check all your kitchen and clean all long-standing dishes or damp stuff. Check inside the kitchen cupboards to see if there are is potential for an infestation.

Prepare for proper storage techniques of your food and as well as fruits and vegetables. For fruits use covering and for the longer-lasting effect of the fruits, put them in refrigerators. For other food materials inside your kitchen use plastic bottles or storage containers to have these protected.

Important in this whole procedure is to also take care of your outside garbage bins or any food disposal containers you have outside your home. These need to be protected inappropriate way to prevent any seeds of infestation to take place.

Fruit flies lay eggs with a hatching time of around 14 days. So even after you have done most of the steps above, you need to watch out as breakouts could still occur. However, if rotting material is not found for the newly hatched fruit flies, you have won your battle against these pests. Get Pest Control Frankston services from our experts.


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