tips for identifying good quality tea in australia

Before you enter this business, you need to find one of the best Australian tea companies that can supply a wide variety of the best quality teas. The quality of leaves determines the quality of tea. Low-quality leaves will leave a bad taste. You cannot satisfy your customers and grow your business by offering poor quality products. Make sure that your customers get a delicious cup of tea for the whole experience.

Most Australian tea companies supply free samples so that you can check the quality of organic tea in Australia before placing your order for pyramid tea bags in bulk. In this article, you will learn how to test the quality of a free tea sample.


Tea grown in Australian regions including Queensland, Tasmania and Victoria is not enough to meet the demand of Australians. This is the reason why most Australian tea companies import tea. The number of companies importing tea from Sri Lanka is increasing. Always check the company’s source of tea.


Sometimes, you can judge the book by its cover. Check the shape and colour of the tea leaf. You can identify good quality tea leaves with their distinctive shapes. They have a pleasant lustre. On the other hand, leaves picked by machines are often broken. Some machine-picked leaves also contain stems. Make sure that tea leaves are hand-picked. Good quality tea leaves expand uniformly when brewed. Teas have different colours after this process. Black tea has a golden and reddish colour. Green tea has a golden or emerald colour.


Perth Based Tea Company Black Leaves offer some of the most fragrant teas in Australia. This is because fragrance tells a lot about the taste and quality of tea. The degree of fermentation determines its fragrance. Low-quality tea leaves have smoked, parched, carbon or any other strong odour. When it comes to good quality green tea, you can identify it with its fresh, light soothing fragrance. It has a chest-nutty or light orchid odour. You can identify good quality black tea with its sweet, floral fragrance.


Taste is the most important quality factor you need to consider. Different varieties of tea have different tastes. The taste tells you about the freshness, sweet or bitter quality and strength of the tea. Good quality tea has a balanced and pleasant aftertaste. Low-quality tea leaves give a mouldy or overly bitter taste. The taste of good quality green tea is not too astringent and stale. Keep in mind that the taste of good quality tea lingers for a longer time.