Tips For Designing A Dream Bedroom

tips for designing a dream bedroom

The bedroom is the most private room in our home. It is not only the room we sleep in, but it is also the room where our body recuperates and recharges, it is the room where we reconnect with our partner and retreat after a long, hard-working day. That’s why it’s essential to design the bedroom according to our preferences as not everything works for everybody. If you think it’s time to give your bedroom a makeover, read the following tips for designing your dream bedroom.

1.   Clutter is your worst enemy

All tips for decorating your dream bedroom start with de-cluttering it. Mess and clutter don’t bring on the sense of peace and serenity certainly and exactly because of that you should get rid of all the unnecessary things. Organized bedroom aspires calm state of mind and this is what you should hope for in your bedroom. You’re wondering how to transform a disorganized room into an organized one? Start with some organization strategies and consider some built-in storage racks and shelves to save space. You can start by adding some extra shelving in your closet as well as racks and baskets for storing different clothing items. You can also fit mobile storage drawers somewhere – they’re easy to move around and they can store quite a few things. What’s more, you can use up space beneath the bed to store some other items. Having a place for everything in your bedroom will help you feel relaxed in your bedroom.

2.   For quality sleep, block out the noise

Outside noise is something that can negatively affect your sleep pattern and if you have trouble with noisy neighbours and busy traffic you should deal with those issues immediately for the sake of better sleep. If any of the things mentioned earlier disturb your sleep, you can block out that noise by introducing white noise into your bedroom. There are white noise machines on the market as well as different apps that imitate white noise. White noise creates balance with the outside noise making it easier for you to sleep. One way you can mask outside noise is by installing a ceiling fan which will keep your bedroom cool during summertime and it will also soften the traffic noise coming from the street. Another way to block the noise is to install fitted carpets and underlay, with a layered window treatment – it is more sound-proof than tiles or laminate floors and single window treatment. Upholstered headboard frames have also a special role when it comes to decreasing noise from surrounding rooms as they dampen sound, from both inside and outside the room.

3.   Quality bedding and linens

Of course, quality bed and mattress is a must. That’s the most important thing in every bedroom. Everything else builds on that. Soft, ergonomic pillows and quality quilts are the next essential thing. The bedding you choose should be high-end made of natural materials such as cotton. You can layer your bed with pillows, patterned throw pillows and blankets as well as quilts and blankets – it will add to the luxurious appeal of your bedroom. You can also use all kinds of window treatments in different patterns to make the room cozy and private. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to use blinds as well. Light curtains allow fresh and cool air in during hot summer days while heavier curtains keep the room warm and cozy during cold, winter days. You should cover the floor with a soft and fluffy carpet or rug to make it more comfortable for your feet.

4.   Choose colours wisely

The prevailing colours in your bedroom do make a difference. In a bedroom with plenty of natural light, opt for blue and green shades to achieve a cooler atmosphere. For a room that feels cold, you can use different shades of red to make the room feel warmer. Colours such as pale lilac or soft plum can be used for both rooms that feel cold and warm as these colours border between cold and warm hues on the colour palettes. These are certainly refreshing colour options. Lighter shades lift a room that is dark and lacks natural light. On the other hand, dark colours such as aubergine to deep blue create a romantic setting. When completely dressed up, the room looks sophisticated and elegant. However, you should be careful with dark colours in small bedrooms as using dark colours in small bedrooms tend to make the room feel even smaller. There are other ways to use colour in small bedrooms: try painting one wall in a bold colour to add some drama to your bedroom.

5.   Consider lighting

Lighting is essential in every room, and so is in the bedroom. The easiest and most practical way to set up the lighting is to use ambient lighting, which is perfect for setting any kind of mood. You can combine bedside lamps to create a reading mood, you can install LED lighting around the ceiling or headboard – it allows you to control the light and create a perfect atmosphere. A dimmer switch is a useful feature as it allows you to be in complete control of lighting in your bedroom. The National Sleep Foundation suggests dimming the light one hour before going to bed as it will signal your brain it’s time for sleeping. It mimics a setting sun.

6.   Proportions are important

The size of the room is important as everything else should fit in proportionally. When you place the bed, wardrobe, drawers, nightstands and other furniture pieces, you should still have plenty of space to move around with ease. A cramped bedroom is not something you want. How to avoid a cramped bedroom? When designing a bedroom from scratch, consider everything you want in your bedroom and measure everything to make sure it will fit in nicely and leave you plenty of space to move around freely.

7.   Create an illusion

To create an illusion of light, space and luxury you should consider adding some reflective surfaces into your bedroom. Reflective surfaces regardless of whether they’re transparent or mirrored have the ability to disappear. Mirrors reflect and bounce light, give the illusion of more space and add a luxurious feel to the bedroom. Your budget and financial ability will ultimately determine in what way you can decorate your bedroom. All in all, a metallic nightstand in s small bedroom can make a huge difference when it comes to the illusion of larger space.

8.   Add accessories and decorations

When you have done all the major designing mentioned so far, it’s time for accessories and decorations that will make your bedroom truly yours and personal. This means adding a personal touch with all kinds of artwork, posters, wall signs and inspirational quotes. You can also add some fresh flowers or potted flowers to purify the air in your bedroom. Accessories also include some other features such as a vanity mirror and some shelves.


Designing a perfect bedroom takes some time, effort, will and money, but ultimately, it’s worthwhile. When designing your bedroom, you should consider it as your own, personal peace oasis and only then you’ll be able to come up with a flawless design that’ll enable you to rest and relax the way you are supposed to.