Tina Del Twist Gold Class

tina del twist gold class

Tina Del Twist, a gin soaked pickle of a woman, well past her prime, a washed up has been in the most endearing of ways. Though she maybe in serious need of a permanent stint at The Betty Ford Clinic she can still belt out a number like few can, and her show is still the most enjoyable kind of late night, boozey cabaret.

From the moment Del Twist steps onto the stage, her audience are involved with little they can do to escape. As the performance continues we are let privy to more of her story, her retelling is nothing short of crass and dirty, sporting the greatest kind of vulgarity, Her command of the space and way in which the whole venue is utilised, simply brilliant. Mid show, she stumbles through the audience and off into the dark, then only to bring the last row of empty seats, crashing to the floor proudly proclaiming, a sell out show. 

Tina del Twist is the creative makings of Wes Snelling, a man who has a long standing relationship with the Melbourne cabaret scene. Tina del Twist: Gold Class really pulls together the most recognised of Tina’s repertoire from the past decade or so. Testament to his comic genius, the material remains fresh and delivers big on belly laughs. Joined on stage by Twist (Stephen Weir) who accompanies on guitar, matching Tina’s voice should be a challenge, but his playing is brilliant and these two are equally as awe inspiring. The connection between each performer is evident and this really does bring joy.

The work doesn’t try to go to deeply into any particular line of conversation. Though it is slightly ocker, it doesn’t really tap into political or social issues, it’s pure entertainment, a great late night foray. Vocally bang on, tightly composed, we need more of this and we need it now.

This performance took place at Map57 in St Kilda, to keep up to breast with  the work of Del Twist click here