Ageing, remembering and rebirth are the themes that tie together three exhibitions showing at the Carlisle Street Arts Space from 22 May to 19 June 2019.

Pamela Stadus, Robert J Williams and Linda Kaiser will take audiences on a surprising journey, challenging the understanding and importance of everyday objects.

Harking back to a time where beautiful glassware was used to mark special occasions, Pamela Stadus has drawn inspiration from the stunning craftsmanship of a by-gone era in her exhibit, Transforming the Glass. Stadus foraged through Port Phillip op shops, finding her treasures and giving these relics new life as small sculptural works and a series of prints. The ‘banquet-like’ scenes composed by Stadus in her prints show the opulence of turn of the century Melbourne and feature colourful personalities such as NGV benefactor Alfred Felton and suffragette Jennie Baines.

From a distance, it’s easy to mistake Robert J Williams’ paintings for photography, such is the level of detail in his watercolours. Oil and Water depicts everyday objects affected by the ageing process. Time, corrosion, rust and the elements have not been kind to the objects which include a Wirrigal kettle, coffee percolator, trench whistle based on those used at Gallipoli, and a trowel. The audience is reminded of its mortality and the effect is a haunting reminder of the transience of both ourselves and the objects we hold so dear.

Linda Kaiser makes paintings and sculptural installations sourced from her local environment. The objects trouvé (found objects) are often damaged or in a varying state of decay. They are then repurposed with annotations of original use, leaving behind a recognition of original purpose. Thirsty refers to the mind and body’s requirements for sustenance, and to the transformation of discarded objects. Kaiser works intuitively with each piece, ensuring other people’s discarded trash becomes her treasure.

Mayor Dick Gross praised the depth of the latest exhibition at the Carlisle Street Arts Space
“This multidisciplinary exhibition tells many stories of reimagining and recreating. Each artist’s work is individually moving, but when they’re all in the same space, it prompts a moment of profound reflection,” Cr Gross said.

Transforming the Glass, Oil and Water, and Thirsty are on display from 22 May 2019 to 19 June 2019