With the job market becoming competitive, one should think of making a career in some specialized field and earn a handsome living. Not all need to be programmers, engineers, or doctors; many exciting professions can help to make a decent living as well. If you are thinking to shape up your career in a different manner, one unorthodox profession you can choose by becoming a qualified arborist. Does it sound like Hebrew to you? Well, let us discuss in details so that you can have a clear conception before thinking of this out-of-the-box career option.

The Subject Of Arboriculture

Have you seen the professionals working on the roadside trimming the shrubs and the trees? Well, they are not ordinary people but arborists knowing the techniques of tree climbing, working with the saws and pruning the trees and the shrubs while keeping the plants alive. They know what part is to be trimmed or pruned so that there are no disruptions in the overhead power lines or the cables, the roads are not blocked or beautify the plants without upsettingtheir further natural growth. Unlike layman, who would cut the trees and the shrubs in such a manner that could result in a dead plant, an arborist knows horticulture and botany so that the plants do not die after trimming them.


How To Become An Expert Arborist

If one wants to be an arborist, they have to complete some specialized certificate courses on the subject and get licensed from the competent authority to make a career in the field and earn handsomely. If you are willing to work in Australia, you have to get AQF Level 3,or Certificate III in arboriculture or horticulture. You will be trained in tree pruning and maintenance, tree felling in a safe manner, preparation and application of chemicals, traffic management, life-saving skills and many more. You also need to master some knowledge of irrigation and working with the required tools and machines. One should get the training from one of the registered training organizations in the country to be qualified to get a license.

The Scope Of Working

An arborist can work as a freelancer or work with the local municipal authority or corporation. They can also work in the disaster management wings of different government and non-government organizations. Different businesses need qualified and trained arborists on a regular basis, and you can also work with them. There is no shortage of work for an expert arborist as it is not a season-dependent trade like farming. They often get recruited by the electric supply and other utility companies to keep the overhead transmission lines free from any blockage due to growing trees that extend branches on the tracks. However, to be an arborist one need tobe physically tough and mentally strong to carry out the work at heights safely.


The Earnings

On average, an arborist can earn around 64000 AUD per year, and it can go up to 90000 AUD while the starting salary is approximately 43000 AUD. However, if an arborist plans to do freelancing, the hourly rate can be around 35 AUD. Earning depends on experience and working hours, and one can earn a handsome living by working as an arborist.


There is a considerable scope of building a bright career after being trained as an arborist. Of course, it is not a blue collared job, but not many people can risk their lives to save the trees and the environment without disturbing the daily life of other citizens. Give it a good thought and have a challenging career working in this specialized field.