TV Wall mounting
TV Wall mounting

Gone are the days when the TVs were bulky and ugly looking. Even the left and right sides of the television were convex curved. Those television were bulky, broad, and heavy. They required a special TV unit which consumed a lot of your room space. The advancement in technology has completely transformed the TV viewing experience. Every TV manufactured today is flat, light in weight, and widescreen. If you already own a flat-screen television that is consuming a significant amount of space in your living room or if are planning to own one, then wall mounting can be an ideal option. TV wall mounting can not only transform your viewing experience but will also alleviate the look of your interior. Today, almost all televisions have a similar mounting hole pattern (also known as VESA pattern). It makes it easier for you to mount the TV on the wall. A wall-mounted television looks classy, modern, and more importantly, it saves space.

TV wall mounting is not just for your living room, but you can also consider it for your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, patio, etc. There are numerous benefits of mounting a TV on the wall. Here are some of them.

1. Safety

As the flat-screen televisions are light flat and light in weight the chances of them tripping over if not secured properly are very bright. While cleaning the TV or the unit, you can accidentally trip the TV that can prove to be very costly. Besides this, if you have kids or pets at home, it becomes more dangerous. Kids tend to touch and grab things. Besides this, your pets and kids will also play around, thus, the chances of your TV tripping are significantly high. Therefore, mounting your TV will help you to protect your TV from falling and keep them away from the reach of your children’s arm.

2. Viewing angles

One of the biggest advantages of TV wall mounting is that you can watch it from multiple angles. You can purchase a full-motion television mount as it gives you the flexibility to move the bracket to the perfect angle from where you can view the TV perfectly. The full-motion mount can swirl and tilt. It allows you to adjust the TV’s viewing angle to reduce the glare or adjust it as per your vision. Moreover, you can also watch the tv while working from another room, etc.

3. Reduce neck and eye strain

The mounts are designed by keeping the utility aspect in mind. It does not matter how big or small your flat screen tv is you can easily mount them on a wall with the help of a full motion tv mount or a steady mount. The freedom of tilting and swiveling the full-motion mount plays a crucial role in preventing neck and eye strain.

Things you should know before mounting the TV on the wall.

Before you start the mounting process, ensure that the wall can bear the load and is not leaking. A particle board wall may not be able to withstand the weight of the bracket and the TV. Ensure that it is a concrete wall or at least made up of eighteen-inch-thick premium quality plywood.

Select the perfect bracket

While purchasing the tv wall mounting bracket consider the inch, i.e., 42, 55, 65 inches, etc., and the TV model. You can find them in the market where you can tilt and swivel with a remote. So, define your needs and requirements first before you purchase the type of mount you want.

The bottom line 

It is advisable to seek the help of a professional company to  select the right TV wall mounting t and install it efficiently.