Things You Should Keep In Mind Before Hiring An Event Planner

things you should keep in mind before hiring an event planner

It is easy to search for an event organizing company or event planner on the internet, but you should know what questions to ask an event organizer before you assign your event to that company or an individual. There may be many reasons why you might want to hire EventButler for your event planning. Although a good event planner is not cheap, they can often prevent you from making costly mistakes. Let’s discuss the qualities of an event planner that you should know before hiring or assigning them to your event.

1. Time management.

There are many things to do when you intend to organize an event. Among all these things, time is the most important asset to consider when planning for organizing an event. An experienced event planner can help you optimize the process and save you time.

2. Budget administration.

Although time is valuable, so is money. A good event planner can help you manage your event budget and negotiate with venues and suppliers on your behalf so you can get a good deal.

3. Stress management.

Event planning is often considered as one of the most stressful jobs in the world. You would surely have many other things to think about, why not outsource additional stress to a professional.

Event planners in the market

Event planning is an effective niche that contributes a great share in the market. An executable, actionable, and creative event planning can effectively increase the company’s visibility and brand reputation. Compared with the market planning case, the event planning case is strictly speaking that they belong to the sibling branch of the market planning case.

Market planning and event planning are subordinate to the company’s overall marketing thinking. Only market planning cases and event planning cases made under this premise are both integrated and continual. Only in this way, the audience can effectively agree with the cultural connotation of the brand.

Event planner responsibilities

  1. Coordinate the planning and execution of platform and mobile creative activities according to the operation plan and market rhythm.
  2. Set clear and effective event processes for the event operation goals and increase the number of active users responsible for relevant tasks.
  3. Application and calculation of activity cost and optimize the allocation of resources to achieve the best outcomes of the activity.
  4. The event planner examines the expected output, the case report of the event, analyzes and summarizes the tasks with the sequence.
  5. Knows the industry dynamics, familiar with the classic marketing cases of peers and other industries, and be able to share and learn from the experience.
  6. Prepare the strategies for the continuous improvement of the event ROI.

The above-mentioned skills and qualities that an event planner must possess are essential to organize a successful event. However, these parameters are not enough to decide whether to hire the event planner or not. A few more parameters are there, which may contribute to ensuring whether the even planner is mature enough to handle your event successfully.

  • The event planner should have more than three years of experience in event planning. Moreover, they should have a successful experience in social media campaigning and new media communication activities.
  • They should be familiarized with mobile user activities and unique opinions on a user and community communication.
  • They should think active and innovative, and able to solve problems based on goals;
  • They should know how to handle sensitive data and able to find and summarize problems.
  • They could work with systematic alignment of team spirit; members should possess excellent communication skills and execution ability.

Systematic event planning

For an event planner, operational coordination matters a lot. This is the area where many experts even lack. The event planning team should set their goals of each brand column accordingly; coordinate all aspects of the operation, set clear and effective diversion paths. Further, making reasonable resource allocation and standardize the overall event’s visual control is the critical quality of the event planner.

It is better to check the testimonials and reviews of various event planners. It will help if you meet planners’ clients.

Planning strategies

Event planning and overall planning, according to the brand operation planning and market rhythm, add value in the events’ management strategies. In the case of planning the overall promotion plan and implementation promotion of brand activities, the planner must tackle and fulfil these requirements. Another sector to focus on is the method of implementation. In most cases, implement the project time schedule does not happen according to the plan. There may be some miscommunication with various departments or the distribution of incomplete activities information. Again, this point underscores the time management planning. It is vital to ensure that the activities go live on time.

Intellectual knowledge

You must be investing a huge amount in your event. Therefore, you would never want to waste your money and expect a good service when it comes to planning. Keep in mind, for a successful and memorable event, the closing report helps to determine the quality and expenses. Moreover, it assists in analyzing the data. Therefore, it is obvious that the event planner should be capable enough to handle and analyze the data and provide a summary of the ROI. Furthermore, in response to their own operational marketing needs, the system proposes improvement needs and actively follows up and promotes them.

Logical thinking

A professional event planner has a good sense of thinking logically. The principle of revolution forces the trend to keep on changing. For this reason, an event planner should stay updated and possess a current market trend. Further, he should know market insights. An excellent event planner also has the ability to think creatively and apply innovation. The quality of innovating and setting up the trend is the upper-level skills of a perfect event planner.

Writing and presenting

Apart from the communication skills, the event planner should possess an ability to write professionally and demonstrate the presentation confidently. This quality is considered as the most generalized quality. However, it matters when it comes to professionalism.

Technology awareness

Technology is continuously emerging. In this competitive era, you should always expect to receive the reports, calculations, quotations, accounts, and other related stuff of the event in digital form. Therefore, a professional event planner should have enough knowledge to use MS office packages to provide information professionally.


Think many times before assigning your event to an event planner that it is about not only your reputation, but also the money. You must ask a few technical and general questions to the event planners before hiring. The answers can make you realize the level of their expertise. After all, it is a very sensitive decision that can build or improve your reputation. Never underestimate this decision whenever you intend to organize any event.

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