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Things To Know About A CCTV Drain Survey



A CCTV drain survey is another testimonial to the evolution of the tech world. With a camera unit controlled remotely, you can monitor the state of concealed pipes.

Drainage problems are often unclear as to origins. Running diagnostics manually can be futile, especially if issues are unnoticeable. As a solution, robotic cameras are built to detect these irregularities.

Regardless of pipe sizes, length, diameter, or material, the survey method is very efficient and provides accurate reports. Visual evidence makes defects obvious which then leads to potential solutions.

Camera Types Used For Survey

As mentioned previously, this is an advanced tech procedure. And the cameras involved in the process are extremely sophisticated.

The two types include robotic crawlers and push CCTV drainage cameras. LED lighting on the former enables the recording of clear footage on the monitor. Moreover, it’s used for pipes between 150mm and 2000mm diameters. Sewer cameras are good examples of this type.

Push CCTV drainage cameras are meant for smaller-sized pipes. For angles, they record sites that aren’t reachable by the robotic pipes.

Both are uniquely crafted devices with zoom lenses, wheel drives, rotating and shifting heads with flexible rods.

Sonar units are plausible options for enabling acoustic signals for impenetrable locations.

Problems Identified By A CCTV Drain Survey

Issues located by these high-performing cameras vary. They are;

Drain Blockage

Even though blockages are often obvious, the survey is used to find causes. Also, to solve the issue, it helps to devise the best ways to declutter these pipes.


Pipe bursts and punctures are reasons for leakages. In cases of underground drainage, these cameras are the best options for discovering exact trickling points.

Detached Joints

Poor pipe attachment can lead to excessive water waste. CCTV drain inspection gives the site to quicken repair.

Plant and Animal Infestation

Animals may dwell in bigger pipes, especially the less frequently used ones. Likewise, plants and tree roots can grow into pipes, causing blockages. A robotic camera can catch either of these cases and aid in finding solutions.

Why Use A CCTV Drain Survey?

As a technical approach to access your drainage layout, it’s a reliable method. Some other advantages include:

It’s Fast and Precise

If you need a quick analysis of your plumbing network, a CCTV drainage survey will grant you that. On top of this, they are extremely accurate in their diagnosis.

Easy Drain Maintenance

Traditional methods are frustrating and ineffective. Due to this, you most likely wouldn’t fancy constant maintenance and checks.

CCTV surveys can be scheduled monthly for maintenance purposes without any accompanying stress.

It’s Cost-Effective

For most repairs, this process provides non-invasive fixing techniques. Moreover, the repairs are lasting compared to those done through huge excavations.

The Report Is An Evidence Of Environmental Compliance

A drain survey summary could come in handy with environmental agencies. In some states, it’s required by residents and tied to licensing and other formal certifications. Using the technical approach serves as a metric for eco-compliance.


Discover the problems with your pipe network today with the CCTV drain survey solution. You can contact a trained expert to run you through the entire process.

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