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Winter tests the skin in every way. Cold and cold wind on the street, over-dried air in apartments and offices, a sedentary lifestyle – all this does not affect the appearance in the best way. In the winter months, the skin needs special care.  Applying hand and body lotion frequently helps in keeping the skin moisturized, but there are a lot of things you need to consider in winters to keep your skin hydrated. 

 Go to winter makeup

All-weather care does not exist. The colder it is on the street, the fatter the cream should be. The best creams for winter are intensely nutritious, with a greasy and dense texture. Winter creams should contain emollients (substances that form a protective film on the skin and help maintain moisture under it). In order for these substances to work, you need to apply the cream when the skin contains the maximum amount of moisture, that is, immediately after washing. If you are used to getting ready for work in 15 minutes, you have to change your habits. Even a greasy cream needs to be applied to the skin 40-50 minutes before going outside so that it can absorb and create a protective film on the skin.

But if life goes on in the “work-at-home” mode, then we continue to use summer moisturizing creams. It is proved that talking about the fact that the water in the cream in the cold freezes and injures the skin is a myth. On the surface of the skin, the temperature is always above zero.

Add Vitamins

Look at the label of your cream: if it contains “long-staying” fat-soluble vitamins A, E, F, lipoic acid – you are protected.

The best skin protectors are vitamins A and E (they not only nourish but also help cells recover). If their presence in the cream is not enough (the skin is still peeling), you can buy these vitamins in a pharmacy (in capsules or in an oil solution) and add a few drops to any cream.

Use high coverage bases

In winter, use high or full coverage (foundation, compact powder) – they protect your face from cold. But there is a flip side to the coin – they clog pores and can cause acne. Therefore, dense foundations should be used if you have to spend several hours in the air in cold weather. Loose powder is enough for short runs, which masks imperfections and also protects the skin.

Dry cosmetics (eye shadow, blush, etc.) crumble in the cold and underline wrinkles. Therefore, in winter, it is better to use blush and shadow with a creamy texture. Lips should not be left in the cold without protection. Even if you are against decorative cosmetics, use hygienic lipstick or balm. Avoid glitters as they make the lips dry out more. The best lipstick for winter is hydrating and moisturizing. In frost, apply it on the lips every two hours.

In the afternoon, spray on your face with warm water

In winter, the rooms are hot and dry. A spray bottle with warm water will help refresh your face in the office. With dry skin, choose water with a minimum amount of salt, with oily skin, more salt is suitable.

Thermal water should be sprayed onto the face every 3-4 hours, and then gently pat it dry with a napkin. If thermal water is sprayed and left to soak, then moisture will evaporate from the surface along with droplets of water, and the skin will become even more dehydrated.

Thoroughly cleanse the skin

In cold weather, skin cells actively develop a greasy secretion to protect against wind and frost – the skin becomes more oily and dense, and black spots and pimples may appear due to the rich composition and dense texture of the winter cream.

At the same time, skin cleansing in winter should be more delicate than in summer. The scrub should be with perfectly smooth particles that do not injure the skin – for example, with wax granules. It is better to replace alcohol lotion with soft foam or cleansing milk. Scrub your face two times a week. If the skin is dry, clean it with oatmeal soaked in boiling water (pour a tablespoon of boiling water, let it brew for 5-10 minutes and apply to the face with circular cleaning movements). For oily skin, you can use coffee peeling (mix fresh coffee grounds of finest grinding with sour cream in a 1: 1 ratio and rub into the skin for 3-4 minutes). After cleansing, apply an intensely moisturizing or nourishing cream.

Remember that with inflamed, scaly skin or acne, home peeling should not be done – this can only worsen the matter.

How to prevent acne

Winter acne is usually the result of improper care. First, greasy winter creams and cosmetics clog pores. If the skin is not cleaned in a timely manner (or not cleaned enough), inflammation and subsequent acne are almost inevitable. The second reason is the use of a moisturizer before going out. Because of this, small cracks will appear on the skin, and if an infection gets into them, inflammation occurs.

Moisturize your skin

In winter, skin especially needs moisturizing treatments. Stock up on intensely moisturizing creams and masks. The most effective – with hyaluronic acid, retinoids, antioxidants. If you feel that home hydration is not enough, consider the option of salon procedures – professional moisturizing masks or injections of hyaluronic acid.

Care for the hair

Hair in the winter is dry, brittle, electrified. Dry hair is the most electrified, so in the winter months, you need to regularly carry out moisturizing and regenerating hair masks (use professional ones – home remedies do not give such a quick effect).

Wash your hair no more than 2-3 times a week and do not abuse hair dyes (this deprives the hair of a protective layer). Avoid products that increase the dryness of hair, such as hair dryers, do not use products containing alcohol. Instead of varnish, use a soft foam and get a moisturizing tonic that will not allow static electricity to accumulate.

By the way, to get rid of static electricity, use natural bristle combs on wooden handles. Well, the best remedy for electrified hair is an ion hairdryer with an antistatic effect.


Skin and body need extra care in winter. Make sure you are drinking enough water. You may not be feeling thirsty, but you can dehydrate your body, and the skin conditions can be worsened because of that. Eat dry fruits as they contain a high amount of oils.

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