Things You Need to Know Before Renting an Excavator

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So, you have bagged your first client with that smashing bid. Now you need to gather all the equipment needed to get started on the job. From general contracting, pipe laying, grading to demolition, mass clearing, and excavation jobs, an excavator plays a vital role in the construction business. Excavator rentals are the perfect option to give your project the much-needed boost.

Types of Excavators

Vital to both the construction and the mining industries, excavators, also known as the digger are one of the most important and versatile pieces of equipment that includes a cab, boom, dipper, and boom, all of which are fitted on a rotating platform. These platforms are seated with either wheels or tracks on an undercarriage. These excavators which come in various sizes are utilized to achieve different jobs on different sites for example while used in a simple demolition and excavation job that requires most of the work to be above horizontal plane can be achieved perfectly by a high reach excavator, a long reach excavator is perfect for jobs required to be done below the horizontal plane. Mini Excavators are perfect for the jobs that require minimum footprint. Other types of excavators include,

  • Standard Excavators
  • Spider Excavators
  • Amphibious Excavators
  • Vacuum Excavators
  • Knuckle Excavators
  • Wheeled Excavators
  • Zero Swing Excavators

Finding the Right Excavator for Your Job

Consulting an expert will help you find the right excavator for your job. When you need an excavator rental, discuss all the job parameters with the expert, for them to recommend the most appropriate machine to you. You can also ask the rental companies from where you are requesting quotes to pay a site visit to answer more specific questions. Before you choose your excavator rental, do not forget to inspect and assess the general condition the machine is in and request a demonstration of its usages. Be sure to inspect the machine and ask the right questions. Remember to discuss the following factors with the expert,

  • Location.
  • Availability of space that can accommodate the machine.
  • Easy access to the site.
  • Nature and the intensity of the work to be conducted.
  • How the excavators can assist other equipment in the field.
  • The general composition of the ground.
  • The depth the excavator needs to dig in.
  • The amount of area the excavator needs to cover.
  • What is the achievement targeted including the desired outcome of the construction?

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Finding the Correct Excavator Rental for Your Needs

Always consider the entire scope of work before choosing your excavator rental. Do not try to save on short term money by going for the smallest option. Remember that in the long run, you can save a lot of money and time and increase productivity if you hire the biggest machine that your site can accommodate.

Certificated and Licenses Needed for an Excavator Operation

Before operating an excavator, you need a standard excavation license and a verification of competency (VOC). You need to acquire these licenses and certifications before you can connect with an equipment hiring company for your excavator rentals. 

Decide Between a Wet Hire and  a Dry Hire

After you have decided on the type of excavator your job requires, you need to decide whether your job would require the excavator rental to be a wet hire, where the equipment comes with an operator or a dry hire where there no operators are included with the equipment.


The versatility and usefulness of an excavator make it a top addition to your equipment. From your foundation grading to powering your demolition or lifting heavy materials up to your workers, excavators are an important part of your construction. This article aims at helping you choose your excavator rental for your next project.