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Cracked Actors Theatre 

Albert Park’s Cracked Actors Theatre (CAT) is under threat as State & Federal assistance packages fail to assist their struggle to survive the COVID – 19 Pandemic. Opened by Mr Josh Burns MP, on December 15 2019, the company has already featured the work of 16 writers and 50 performers but has postponed all scheduled performance for at least the next six months. Cracked Actors Theatre is not a venue for hire. They subsidise theatre makers through their production programs through the provision of rehearsal space, publicity, photography and a host of other services without any government assistance.

“theatre slips through cracks”
Sarah Yeung, Matthew Richard Walsh at the Summer Readings 2020 Awards

They rely on a percentage of the box office to survive and now there is none.

The company has launched “Feed The CAT – Keep Cracked Actors Theatre Alive” in an attempt to fight their way through the crisis and continue to support performing artists now and into the future.

They have also announced ‘Comic Relief 2020’ to help comedians devastated by the Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF). Those who had to cancel MICF shows will have a chance to perform at the CAT and recover some of their financial losses through ticket sales.

“We are fiercely independent. We are not asking for a handout. We are asking people to stay healthy and take care of each other. If people buy a ticket to ‘Feed The CAT’ we will honour it at one of our shows either in ‘Comic Relief 2020’ or in one of our shows once regular programming resumes.

We feel a great responsibility for the artists we have committed to and want to keep creating jobs for them into the future”. – Matthew Richard Walsh, Artistic Director

“theatre slips through cracks”
Sarah Yeung, Greg Fleet (Best Actor) and Matthew Richard Walsh at the awards for ‘Summer Reading 2020’.

The company is hoping that the groundswell of community support they experienced at their opening and throughout their ‘Summer Reading 2020’ season will prove strong enough to get them through this turbulent time.

Though like many other small businesses and startups their survival is dependent on community goodwill as governments and banks offer little or no support.

“Despite slipping through the cracks we are determined to survive this. We are concerned about the mental, physical and financial health of all our artists. We have proven that there is a strong demand for what we’re doing at the CAT and want to continue to support writers and performers achieve their dreams”. – Sarah Yeung, Company Manager.

A regular performer at the venue Greg Fleet offered his support to the CAT writing on FB, “Seriously, get behind these cats. They actually care. I look forward to working more with them in the future”

Links to “Feed The CAT – Keep Cracked Actors Theatre Alive”

Alive https://www.facebook.com/events/2572981416363887



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