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The Wolves Open Melbourne’s Newest Theatre Space “The Den”



The Wolves Open Melbourne’s Newest Theatre Space “The Den”

The Wolves have a Den (Theatre) And we are opening with our play Marooned

“Riveting the entire way through, with complex twists and turns that are entirely relatable to the audience. This is several stories on a trajectory no one can predict. This play has successfully tackled the enormity of a major societal issue inadequately addressed in many mediums. Bravo!”‘
                                                             ~ Sandee Allen on Marooned


Friday 15 November 2019

End of Barruth Lane

Fitzroy North VIC 3068

Queries call 0425 854 943 


Since we started The Wolves we’ve been looking for a business model that allows us to stage our plays and pay our actors and crew.

In the bigger venues that was tough. Because our plays were new and our marketing budget didn’t exist attracting an audience that could pay for the space and us was simply not viable.

The answer is setting up temp theatre spaces on short-term leases.  The amount of bums on seats we need to pay the rent is ridiculously small meaning we don’t need full houses to pay all our bills.

It also means we don’t need funding, but to any funders out there if you want to help do so because this could be more than a theatre, it could be an industry, COME ON DOWN!!!!.

Also, the bigger theatres can actually benefit from this for as the plays are cheaper to stage this way, producers can stage them more often refining them as they go, and if a few start selling out then it’s more viable for you to welcome the play into your own spaces. Also if someone pulls out of one of your spaces you would be able to fill the gap with one of these plays, all you’d have to do is negotiate a deal.

The customers may be our bread and butter but “We are all one Tribe,” and with less snobbery and more inclusion we could all benefit.    

Whilst we are in this new space we will be open to talking to other theatre makers who want to stage plays. We are especially interested in new plays that you staged that did well, good reviews & full houses but then they vanished because it was too expensive to keep staging them in the bigger theatres.

If you have one and the passion to remount it then in 2021 we might just be able to help make it pay.

For several months now I have been living off my plays and it appears that will continue.

To date, we have always paid our actors, but since we were in the MTC’s Lawler Theatre we have been paying equity rates. But in this emerging system as long we keep costs low, and if the play attracts an audience we could discuss paying above equity.

The philosophy behind that is that the actors are the ones doing the work so why can’t they benefit?  

So, in a nutshell, that’s it, we’re just keeping production costs low and keeping the product’s standard as high as we can in a goal to make our art pay a wage, sadly the only way we’ve found to do that is to bypass the establishment.

The next cab on the rank 

The Wolves is a new theatre company determined to show that mature creatives can be original, challenging and pertinent.

We write and produce bold, contemporary pieces aimed at the 45 plus demographic.

‘We Dream, We Dare, We Deliver.’

PO Box 525 Balwyn North 3104


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