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Monday, May 23, 2022

The Sprinkler 26 – 28 July



National Poetry Slam @ Collinghood – slamming on a national level
High Rising 2Forty Wellington @ Juddy Roller – by Adnate, the most handsome street-artist, nay, artist in the country
An Orchestral Rendition of Dr Dre @ Melb – Dre featured on No Diggity  which is the #1 song that psychopaths love. The least psychopath song? My Sharona.
Gertrude Street Projection Festival @ Fitz – I struggle with this every week but… does ANYTHING good ever happen south of the river?
Peru Festival @ Melb – come celebrate the country that stars in the most amount of Bumble profile pics
Indian Festival @ Melb – come celebrate the country that stars in… nah fck it, I really didn’t like India the times I went. The only earth-place I have ever not liked, unless we count Swan Street Richmond post 2016
Nuff Respect @ Section 8 – got on the cocktails at Section 8 last Sunday, absorbed a group of Zimbabweans who bought me a hat, we dropped into a Columbian party and ended up at a RnB open mic night where I saw my ex and it was very. Fckn. Awks. 9/10 would recommend
Handmade @ Builders Arms – a tale *with an afterparty* 
Throw Spanakopita at George Calombaris @ Melb – I actually really like GC but this event speaketh. It dost speaketh.
Tiny Dog Festival @ Thornbury – I feel like people who obsess over tiny dogs don’t have sex much.
Air Guitar Championship @ Melb – Sprink was formally asked to compete in this and Sprink formally considered it. Then forgot until now. 
Tarot Thursdays @ Collinghood – I have been to see 3 gypsies and they’ve all said the same thing: we take cash and card
Songs in the Key of Springfield @ The Espy – ok wow ONE event southside, welcome to Melbourne guys


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