We all know how much a bad sleep can affect your day. Did you also know, however, that consistently poor sleeping habits can impact your brain function, hormones, weight and even increase the likelihood of disease and depression in both adults and children?

Planning and preparing for a good night’s sleep is therefore essential in order to foster a healthy and happy life. Follow these simple tips to ditch counting the sheep and prepare for a better sleep.

Find the Right Mattress

Purchasing the right mattress for your body is essential in order to enjoy a full night’s sleep. With so many options available on the market, it can be difficult to find the right mattress for you. Fortunately, buying quality mattresses online has made this process easier than ever. Leading online suppliers now allow their customers to trial their mattresses over a number of nights, allowing a full refund if the chosen product isn’t the right fit.

With so many varying models on the market, it can be difficult to determine which mattress will be most appropriate for your needs. Before making your choice, it is essential to consider the following and how they may impact your sleep.

Back Health: The average human being spends approximately one-third of their life asleep, or attempting to get to sleep. With so much of your life spent it bed, an old and worn mattress can do far more damage than simply interrupting your sleep. It is therefore essential to consider what level of firmness will be best for the health of your back.

Your prominent sleeping position will have an impact on which level of firmness you should select for your mattress. For many who sleep on their side throughout the night, a soft mattress will allow the mattress to conform around the varying pressure points of the body. In comparison, those who sleep on their back will receive better support from a firm mattress. If you suffer from any back injury or significant lower back pain, it is important to consult with your physician about any additional support which may be required.

Stick to a Pattern

Did you know that your body runs on an internal clock which cycles between being awake and alert, versus drowsy and sleepy? Understanding this cycle known as your circadian rhythm or sleep/wake cycle, is essential in order to foster long-term sleep quality.

Forming a consistent pattern of sleep allows your body to function at optimum level. Ever found yourself falling asleep in the middle of the day at your desk? This is a signal that your circadian rhythm is out of alignment. By abiding to a specific sleep schedule, your body will recognise a pattern of when you need to be awake and alert, and when it is time to shut down for the night.

Optimize your Environment

Preparing your bedroom environment for a peaceful sleep is essential in order to wake up rested and ready for the day. Follow these bedroom tips in order to optimize your sleep.

Find your Temperature: Finding the right temperature for your bedroom is essential when fostering an uninterrupted sleep. As seasons change, it is important to ensure that your bedroom is equipped for both the warmer and colder weather. Investing in an air conditioner, heater, wool and cotton sheets can help prepare you for both hot and cold nights.

Ditch the Technology: Numerous research has shown the negative impacts that the use of technology can have on sleep. Your body requires the production of melatonin in order to regulate your sleep/wake cycle. However, the blue light that is emitted from your laptop and phone screens actually restricts the production of this important hormone.

Research therefore suggests ditching the technology at least 30 minutes before you plan on falling asleep. With so many people also tempted to check on their social media or to send a text while trying to fall asleep, experts suggest keeping technology out of the bedroom altogether, or simply away from reaching distance when it is time for bed.


Following these simple tips can save you from many sleepless nights and grumpy mornings. With so much time spent asleep, it is essential to prepare and invest in any products that will aid in a good night’s sleep.